This could be the two electric SUVs from Scout, the new brand of the Volkswagen Group

The Volkswagen Group recently confirmed that Scout will be the brand with which it will break into the US market for electric SUVs and pick-upand he did so by accompanying the news of two images that anticipate what his first two models will be.

These were two images that, as a sketch, showed, in profile and in monochrome colors, an electric pick-up on the one hand, and an electric SUV on the other, barely revealing anything of its design beyond its square proportions and a muscular body. Now thanks to the web Top Electric SUV we can more clearly imagine the final design of both models, since the Indian website has elaborated, based on the two advances of Scour, both rendered images of models, providing them with textures and details typical of a physical model, such as paint, headlights, glass, tires, etc.

The resemblance to Rivian’s R1S and R1T is undeniable, at least in terms of concept, as it is advancing an SUV and an electric pick-up articulated around the same base.

Render of the Scout electric pick-up.
Render of the Scout electric pick-up.

Until now little is known about how the German consortium intends to market both models, although it is clear that it is a brand that In principle, it is only intended to market its models in the United States and neighboring the Canadian and perhaps the Mexican.

Although they are models that will be marketed under a completely new brand in the Volkswagen Group, the consortium does not plan to take advantage of manufacturing the two planned models in the first instance in the same factory as the rest of the group’s electric cars in the United States.

And it is that, based on what Herbert Diess himself, head of the German conglomerate, has commented, the possibility is being considered that the German company will take advantage of the arrival of the new Scout brand to open a new factory in the United States with which the production capacity of the consortium in the United States is increased to 600,000 units. A factory that, at least for now, will go through working only with Scout models, although this remains to be seen.

Original preview of Scout’s electric SUVs.

Be that as it may, the truth is that it is still early to inquire about the future of the brand, so until details are officially confirmed, nothing can be taken for granted. At the moment it has only been declared that it will be for 2026 when the brand starts production and deliveries of its models.

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