This camouflaged car with the Samsung logo is actually the new hybrid Renault Arkana

The Renault Arkana is a model that was only launched on the market in Spain less than two years ago (it was presented in September 2019, specifically), but in fact it had been marketed before in markets such as the Russian or Korean under other names. Now, a unit has been hunted by Spain that presumably carries under camouflage the redesign of this modelwhich will presumably reach the Spanish market only with hybrid mechanics.

As is often the case with the spy photos that often grace our front page, the unit has been hunted down the road leading up to Sierra Nevada, in the province of Granadaone of the preferred routes by all manufacturers when fine-tuning a model.

That a model in development has been hunted on our roads does not imply that it will eventually be marketed in our market. However, despite the fact that the Arkana that appears in the photographs sports the logo of the Samsung car division (which sells cars in markets such as South Korea or Chile), everything indicates that the redesign that and the solutions that have been Testing these days the Spanish road engineers will reach our market in the form of restyling for the Arkana.

Renault Arkana facelifted 17
The Renault Arkana is also marketed in other markets under the Samsung XM3 name.

The Arkana is currently marketed mainly with light hybrid mechanics, while the top-of-the-range version is the E-Tech hybrid. Contrary to what happens with the Captur, the Arkana is not offered with a plug-in hybrid variant that offers an electric autonomy that allows you to make entire journeys in 100% electric mode. It is not ruled out that this version may arrive later, or even that the photographed unit is supporting the development of this mechanical option.

As to cosmetic changes, judging by the images it seems that everyone will concentrate on the frontal of the Arkana, since it is the area that is camouflaged. The rear, for its part, does not show any significant change beyond the logo and nomenclatures of the Samsung model.

Renault Arkana facelift 1
Test Renault Arkana by Sierra Nevada.

It is to be hoped that if what the camouflage tarpaulins hide is about aesthetic changes that are about to come to the model that is marketed in our country, the Arkana will evolve towards a design language closer to that which has been seen in the latest models of the brand, such as the Renault Mégane E-Tech, or more recently (although conceptually) the electric Renault Scénic.

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