They ask the Government to support banning the sale of combustion cars from 2035

The social and environmental entities Ecodes, Fundación Renovables and Transport & Environment (T&E), together with 14 companies, have asked the Government that Spain, in line with most European countries, position itself in favor of the European proposal to end to the sale of internal combustion cars in 2035.

In Spain, the transport sector continues to be the largest emitter of greenhouse gases and the road represents more than 90% of its emissions. To put an end to this situation, one of the key proposals of the package proposed by the European Commission is to increase the ambition of the carbon dioxide (CO2) standards, reaching 100% of the emission reduction in the year 2035.

In the letter addressed to the Minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, this request is based mainly on the fact that by this date manufacturing electric cars and vans will be much cheaper than their internal combustion counterparts. In addition, they have estimated that they will be cheaper for citizens and companies, so it would not penalize society in any way.

“It will serve to improve air quality in cities and the health of its citizens, and will greatly reduce polluting emissions into the atmosphere, avoiding the endless negative externalities associated with them, such as a reduction in illnesses and premature deaths, and health costs. and loss of working hours”, they explained.

In the same way, they have pointed out that for a country that is one of the main vehicle manufacturers in the world, it must be a “priority” to anticipate trends in order to be able to “prepare in time” for future changes and take advantage of the opportunities that will come, included a large number of jobs.

“Spain has the opportunity to demonstrate its leadership in the ecological, fair and inclusive transition, and to ensure a sustainable and green future for the country, with a healthy planet, a strengthened economy and a better quality of life for Spaniards and the next generations”, they underlined.

Likewise, they have demanded that “it is time” to send clear messages, both to public levels and to the different economic and productive sectors, and to the citizenry, and that “this opportunity be used” to lay the foundations for the future.

In addition to Ecodes, Fundación Renovables and Transport & Environment (T&E), the signatory companies are the following: Acciona; Aelec; Anthesis Lavola; BlaBlaCar; Bolt; Cabify; EasyCharger Spain; Torres family; FreeNow; Iberdrola; lease plan; Revoolt; ProEco Transport and Uber Spain.

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