These are the two cheapest Ducati electric bicycles for 2022

Although known for its range of sports motorcycles, Ducati also boasts an extensive range of electric bikes. In Hybrids and Electrics we have been echoing the arrival of each of them on the market, and now it is time to discover the two new electric bicycles folding of the brand, among which the Ducati SCR-E X stands out by taking its aesthetics from the Ducati Scrambler, while the Ducati SCR-E GT is postulated as the top of the range because of its larger battery and double suspension.

As with its electric scooters, to develop these two new models the Italian brand has chosen to turn to the specialist in urban electric mobility MT Distribution, although this time through its subsidiary Platum, who together with the firm’s Centro Stile Ducati have tried to bring the design of the two folding bicycles as close as possible to that of their motorcycles.

Both models use the same hub-type electric motor for their rear wheel, but due to the difference between geometries, the battery from which they are powered is not the same. On the one hand, the Ducati SCR-E X has a capacity of 499 Wh, while the Ducati SCR-E GT reaches up to 614 Wh. Figures that despite the compactness of both models, are at the height of full-size bicycles that double their price.

Ducati SCR-E X.
The Ducati SCR-E X stands out from the GT because of the personality provided by the headlight and its protector.

Despite the difference between the battery of both models, the brand announces exactly the same autonomy for each one, with 80 kilometers of pedal assistance in the best case.

Another aspect that is responsible for emphasizing the differences between the two models is the suspension. Both feature a RockShox-manufactured front fork, but the Ducati SCR-E GT also adds a central shock absorber, so it will be the best model for those looking for a plus due to a slightly more demanding use, although always bearing in mind that these are urban-style models.

Ducati SCR-E GT.
Ducati SCR-E GT.

Ducati has not announced, at the moment, prices for either of the two models for the European market, although it is expected that it will do so in the coming days and that its cost will be around 2,000 euros. Sales of both the Ducati SCR-E GT and the SCR-E X are scheduled to begin in July.

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