These are the best rated electric car rental companies per minute

Sharenow (Car2Go), Free2Move (Emov) and Zity are the carsharing platforms in Barcelona and Madrid best valued by users, according to a mobility survey carried out by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU).

831 users of this type of shared mobility services participated in this survey in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the cities where they are most widely implemented.

Users have wanted to highlight these platforms for the ease of use of the application, the simplicity of the payment method and the easy handling of the vehicle. They have also positively valued the customer service.

On the other hand, the price is the factor worst valued by users, considering more than half of those surveyed that this service is “too expensive” to make regular use.

Likewise, eight out of ten users of these shared mobility services consider that this formula “has improved their urban mobility”. Despite this, one in three misses more options near their residence or place of work.

In addition, only 31% of those surveyed are satisfied with the amount of municipal infrastructure for the use of shared bicycles, motorcycles or scooters, highlighting a notable scarcity.

This fact is more striking in Madrid, where the favorite shared vehicle is the car, unlike in Barcelona, ​​where the most popular means of transport is the bicycle.

Bike rental apps reflect these preferences. Thus, while the Bicing service in Barcelona satisfies users enormously, the Bicimad platform in Madrid in no case exceeds average satisfaction, obtaining a regular grade for the quality of its materials.

More even are the results of shared bikes. Acciona in Barcelona and Cooltra in Madrid obtain the same overall rating. In both, satisfaction with the price and breadth of the service offer is no more than average.

According to an OCU survey, 3% of drivers have decided to stop owning their own vehicle and another 19% “are considering it”, as a result of recent increases in fuel prices.

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