These are the “314 easy steps” to change the structural battery of the Tesla Model Y

In the service manual for the new tesla model y it is revealed that the new structural battery composed of 4680 battery cells is removable, despite being part of the chassis. It is precisely this design of the vehicle’s architecture that makes this operation difficult, which requires 143 steps to remove the battery and others 171 to put it back. Total 314 “simple steps” which hopefully will not have to be done very often.

Tesla’s new 4680 battery cells are six times more powerful and have five times the energy capacity of current cells. In addition to the improvement in chemistry, these cells can be used to create a structural battery pack.

Tesla engineers took a cue from aerospace innovation, drawing inspiration from the idea of ​​building airplane wings as fuel tanks rather than building the fuel tanks inside the wings. With this same philosophy, Tesla decided to build a battery pack that is no longer just a device that stores energy but is part of the structure of the vehicle. Located at the bottom of the chassis, join the front and back being the cells themselves those that contribute to configure an integral structure. The result adds simplicity to manufacturing by reducing reinforcement parts and also the overall weight of the vehicle. Specifically the mass is 10% less which contributes to autonomy can increase up to 14%.

This advantage, however, an inconvenience when replacing the battery in case there is any kind of error. Being part of the chassis architecture, the battery cannot be removed as in the case of being a mechanical and independent component, such as a motor or electronic systems.

Disassembly of structural battery tesla cells 4680-interior2
Once the battery is removed, after 143 steps, the floor of the vehicle completely disappears.

Via Twitter, Brian Krausehas published what he has discovered in the Tesla service manual: the 143 steps necessary to disassemble the structural battery with 4680 cells. Basically, and without going into technical details, the task is to disassemble a large part of the interior of the vehicle and then start working on the battery. The end result is a big hole in the groundwhich practically disappears completely when the battery is removed.

Once removed, refitting the new battery requires another 171 more stepsso in total they are 314 steps those necessary to perform the complete operation.

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