There are only days left to see the new “cheap” electric motorcycle from Harley-Davidson

There are only a few days left to meet what will be the second electric motorcycle in the history of Harley-Davidson. It will be launched by the electric mobility division of the American firm, Livewire, and will arrive under the name S2 Del Mar. Now the electric firm of Harley-Davidson anticipates its launch with the publication of a video and the beginning of the countdown to its presentation.

In the video published by Livewire, the American firm refers to its past in competitions “dirt track” and the bikes that continue to take the starting grid in this type of race, as the aesthetics of the future S2 Del Mar will be inspired by them.

In addition, Livewire has allowed its new model to appear very slightly in the video, published on YouTube. In it, the rear of a motorcycle appears momentarily, showing a license plate holder on the rear wheel and a transmission belt, as well as a high and short tail that forms a small seat for the passenger.

This is the only picture of the electric Livewire S2 Del Mar that we have so far.
This is the only picture of the electric Livewire S2 Del Mar that we have so far.

The American company, which has already enabled a section on your website He comments on this new model: “Marked by a lineage of winners, rethought for the urban driving experience and beyond.”

And it is that, as we already knew, the new S2 Del Mar lWill bequeath to join the Livewire range below the current Livewire Onerunning as a better electric motorcycle for urban use than the powerful ex-Harley-Davidson model (although in Spain it is still marketed under the main firm).

The new model will be based on the platform for electric motorcycles that Harley-Davidson has developed, called Arrow, whose main characteristic is the use of a structural battery that will result in more competitive production and manufacturing costs than the current S2 Del Mar. and therefore it will be reflected in a lower purchase price, also due to more restrained technical characteristics.

It remains to be seen, however, if it ends up being classified as an electric motorcycle equivalent to 125 cubic centimeters or if, on the other hand, power will continue to be the dominant note in the brand’s new model.

Platform Arrow Harley Davidson electric motorcycles
Harley Davidson Arrow platform for electric motorcycles.

If you opt for the first option, Livewire will be ahead of Pierer Mobility and its Husqvarna E-Pilen, as well as the model that KTM will also launch, both electric motorcycles that by power will be classified as L3e with autonomy around 100 kilometers with a full charge. However, the new Livewire S2 Del Mar promises to enjoy much more autonomy than that promised by Husqvarna, perhaps even pointing to numbers like those of the Urbet Lora and its more than 300 kilometers of autonomy.

To get out of doubt we will have to wait until May 10which is when the new Livewire S2 Del Mar will be released.

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