The XPeng G9 announces its sale prices and its arrival plans in Europe

The XPeng G9 arrives to become the flagship of the Chinese brand. The increasingly extensive electric family continues to surprise with each new release. With its SUV format, the G9 promises to become one of the most interesting models on the market. XPeng has just announced its sale prices and, more importantly, when it will hit the European market. We anticipate that it will not be soon, but what is clear is that it will arrive at some point with a more than interesting commercial offer.

A few months ago we met the new G9. From the very beginning, XPeng has wanted to make it clear that it is its new flagship, both in technology and in performance and quality. One of its main qualities is its high charging power. Billed as the world’s fastest charging electric vehicle, the XPeng G9 is capable of recovering 200 kilometers of autonomy in just 5 minutes thanks to powers of up to 480 kW offered by the company’s new S4 superchargers.

The interior of the G9 makes it clear that XPeng is committed to offering a lot of technology and equipment

In addition to high-speed charging capability, the G9 is the first to offer a safety and driver assistance package with XPeng’s second-generation ADAS system, called XNGP. The most important and differentiating novelty is the autonomous driving program in the city using LiDAR radars: City NGP. Some experts point to such high effectiveness that it can outperform Tesla’s FSD program, though such claims have yet to be tested in the real world.

In the technical section, the G9 is launched on the Chinese market with a wide variety of finishes and versions with one or two electric motors: 570G, 570E, 702E, 650E, and 650X, to which we must add a launch unit based on the model 650X dual motor and all-wheel drive. The powers range between 230 and 551 horses. These motors are coupled to an 800-volt XPower 3.0 silicon carbide battery mounted on the X-EEA 3.0 platform. The approved autonomy varies between 570 and 702 kilometers of the 702E version with extended package.

xpeng-g9-electric (3)
By size the G9 is located in the D-SUV segment with direct rivals such as the BMW iX3

As for pricing, XPeng wants its flagship to be affordable to a wide range of buyers. At the moment only the prices for the local market have been announced, the first to receive the expected SUV. The price bracket starts at 309,900 yuan, about 44,000 dollars if we apply the currency exchange. The most expensive model of all will be the launch unit with extended equipment. Its selling price will be 469,900 yuan, about 67,000 dollars. The amounts for Europe are expected to remain the same.

On the question of when the XPeng G9 will arrive in Europe, we can tell you that there is no specific date, but it will arrive at some point. The Chinese manufacturer has been very clear about when the landing on the old continent will take place. Obviously they first want to give preference to the local market with the intention of extending sales. When the commercial and productive life of the G9 reaches cruising speed, around 10,000 units per month, it will begin to explore other markets. First in Europe, where the introduction will take place through Norway, where the company already offers points of sale. If the estimates are correct, this moment could occur throughout the second half of 2023.

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