The Volvo Embla is revealed through the sketches of the patent office

Before the end of the year the Embla should be presented. The promising and long-awaited large electric SUV from the Swedish house will become the first of a new generation of products. Volvo aims to sell more than 600,000 electric cars by 2025, and for this it needs new products to attract the general public. The Volvo Embla, which just leaked through the patent officewill be a key piece in that new strategy, and we can finally know what it will look like.

Before launching any technology or product on the market, brands have to register a description of the product, the provisional name and the general appearance. Thanks to these data we have been able to know what the Volvo Embla will be like, although this may also be just a temporary name for the Volvo EX90, which is how it has been called in the patent office. The name may change, but the image does not, so let’s focus on what is definitive, even if it is in broad strokes.

Large proportions for an SUV that will exceed the barrier of five meters in length

Aesthetically, the sketches show us a large SUV that quickly reminds us of the Volvo Concept Recharge. The Swedes have a strong aesthetic DNA that extends to the Embla/EXC90 or EX90 (that name has also been registered). The front shows reminiscences to the current XC90. Striking headlamps in the now traditional Thor’s hammer shape, and a very prominent grille that does not indicate any large opening except the one at the bottom. In the side view is where the large format that you do not expect is best appreciated.

Measuring more than 5 meters long, the successor to the XC90 seems to be closer to the ground. A lower free height that would reduce the impact with the air, although once again we must remember the provisional and general nature of the images. Three very well marked volumes where a long and prominent hood and a large rear overhang stand out. that will allow to offer a wide load capacity. The rear view shows Volvo heritage, but is also quite reminiscent of the current Polestar design, with the C-shaped headlights joined by a full-width LED strip.

The rear is very reminiscent of Volvo, although there are also nods to the Polestar design

Underneath all that new bodywork hides the SPA2 platform.. A versatile structure that can accommodate different mechanics, from thermal blocks to 100% electric or plug-in hybrid solutions. Taking this into account, it is more than likely that we will know multiple versions under similar designs, as Volvo currently does with the Volvo XC40 Recharge. That will allow knowing several nomenclatures, although as recognized by Hakan Samuelsson, executive director of the brand some time ago: “the replacement for the XC90 would begin its name with a vowel”.

It won’t take long to clear up doubts. The plans contemplate the launch before the end of this year, although it will not be until next year when the commercial journey of the new flagship of the house begins. Its size will not be the only thing to show off such a name, since the best materials and the most modern technology are also expected, some gadgets that will leave us speechless, and a level 3 autonomous driving system guided by LiDAR radars from Last generation.

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