The Volkswagen ID. Aero is filtered a few hours after its official presentation

We are a few hours away from one of the most important Volkswagen presentations in recent years. With an electric family in constant growth, the most cutting-edge and advanced units are still missing. The Volkswagen ID. Aero It will be that model. A 100% electric sedan that will bring important new features. It will be officially presented in a few hours, but as expected, it has already been seen on social networks before the event. His appearance looks very good.

We have been talking about the Aero for months. Although until now we have always referred to it as Volkswagen Aero B, the launch will allow us not only to know its design, but also its definitive name. ID Aero. A name that in this case will be accompanied by the surname Concept since it is a prototype that advances the lines of what will be the production unit in the future, and which in turn can change for the production model to a more that probable name of Volkswagen ID.7.

Volkswagen ID. Aero

With a design that seems 90% definitive, the Volkswagen ID. Aero cannot deny her kinship with the rest of the ID family.. It is a sedan that breaks with the usual schemes breaking the rule of three separate volumes. In this case, the partially coupé finish at the rear is spectacular. Noteworthy is a long wheelbase. With some measures still to be confirmed, the ID. Aero should be located within the E segment with a total length of approximately 4.8 meters, almost three of them for the wheelbase.

The truth is that the proportions seem much more balanced than in the case of the Volkswagen ID.5. No less spectacular is the interior where minimalism and the absence of physical buttons have been chosen once again. Two screens capture all the attention in addition to a newly designed multifunction steering wheel. The instrumentation shows all the data specific to driving, while a large panel with approximately 15 inches in size is positioned as the central axis of the multimedia system.

Interior of the Volkswagen ID. Aero

Do not forget that we are talking about a prototype, so part of the interior design may change for the production version. Despite this, it is worth noting the absence of a traditional gear lever. Neither does it exist in the central tunnel, nor next to the frame like the rest of the IDs. That opens the possibility of integration in the screen, something not very logical considering the usual Volkswagen ergonomics, or integration in the steering column in the purest American style.

In a few hours we will clear up doubts with the official launch. Volkswagen has high hopes for this car. It will be the first to launch the PPE platform and show an electrical architecture capable of achieving autonomies of up to 700 kilometers. It will still take a couple of years to see it circulate on our roads. Its testing phase is still underway, as we have already seen on occasion. It will be an important piece in Wolfsburg’s strategy to position itself as the world’s largest producer of electric cars. We’ll see what else surprises us.


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