The Volkswagen ID.3 GTX, the sportiest version of the ID.3, already has an arrival date

The Volkswagen ID.3 was presented in society in the year 2019. Now, three years after its launch, The model is expected to receive a major facelift, which will come from the long-awaited “spicy” version.the so-called Volkswagen ID.3 GTX that will incorporate, among other elements, a propeller with a double electric motor and all-wheel drive.

The Volkswagen ID.3 already received a first commercial set-up at the end of last 2021. In this review it took a new, more generous central infotainment screen, which reached 12 inches, improved interior materials and upholstery, Alcantara trim or backlighting on the touch button of the volume slider for better use at night or in low light conditions. However, this aforementioned update only served to solve some elements that their owners had complained about until then.

It is because of that the Volkswagen ID.3 expects to receive a major update in early 2023. In fact, if such dates are confirmed, it is possible that we would see this new update presented at the end of this year, with a view to starting its sale to the public during the first months of next 2023. According to the first rumors, this mid-cycle update It would be represented by some small exterior modifications to present a more modern model in line with the rest of the vehicles in the ID range. Among these improvements would be some new bumpers, slightly retouched headlights, as well as new wheels or colors. Inside, some improvements are also expected in its different elements.

The Volkswagen ID.3 will receive its GTX sports variant in 2023
The Volkswagen ID.3 will receive its GTX sports variant in 2023.

But if for something this will come up restyling, it will be due to the launch of its long-awaited version called GTX. This hopes to be equated to what the acronym GTI represents today for thermal models, only located under a 100% electric architecture. It was the spokesman for Volkswagen, Martin Hube, who, in a recent interview with the media self-expresshas confirmed that the ID.3 GTX project is progressing welland that it will be together with the facelift of the model when we will know many more details about it.

Volkswagen has already confirmed the arrival of a more performance variant of the ID.3, which it would call GTX and of which it already showed a first prototype months ago. However, the German company had not yet agreed to mention an exact date on which the launch of said “spicy” variant would take place. Now all the clues seem to yield concise data with which it will be the next year 2023 when this long-awaited model reaches dealerships around the world.

Mechanically, concise data is still unknown, but if we look at what the Volkswagen ID.4 GTX has given, it is possible that the compact hosts the same mechanics presented on its older brother, that is, permanent all-wheel drive via a dual electric motor setupand a power of about 300 hp (his older brother has 299 hp) and 460 Nm of maximum torque. These specifications would improve the data of the current ID.3 until it stops the stopwatch from 0 to 100 km/h below 6 seconds. It is also expected to host weight loss solutions.

Aesthetically, the Volkswagen ID.3 GTX will house specific details and differentiators, such as new wheels, stiffer and lowered suspensions, specific bumpers, or more striking exterior paint. Inside, relevant changes are expected, such as new sportier seats or a series of specific inserts for this sportier model.

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