The Volkswagen ID.3 can now only be purchased with the 58 kWh battery and Life finish

Volkswagen seems to confirm that it is running out of stock of the electric cars of the ID family. The first to arrive in its catalog, the ID.3, began by being offered in a limited edition to gradually increase the offer until it was complete. a very extensive range that allowed each client to adapt it to their own needs. But now the circumstances have changed in such a way that in the volkswagen web configurator only one variant is available: the one with a 150 kW motor, a 58 kWh battery and the Life equipment.

In mid-2020, the ID.3 began its commercial journey in Spain with the opening of the configurator from which two launch versions were initially offered, 1st Plus and 1st Max. In February of the following year the offer was expanded and reached its peak. The complete range was made up of the following versions: Pure and City (45 kWh useful battery – 55 gross kWh), Pro, Life, Business and Max (58 useful kWh – 62 gross kWh) and Pro S and Tour (77 useful kWh – 82 kWh gross).

The ID.3 was available with the 45 kWh battery and 110 kW (150 hp) motor, offering 348 kilometers of autonomy starting at 34,758 euros. In the next step, the versions with the intermediate battery of 58 kWh capacity and 425 kilometers of autonomy were available depending on the motorization and finish from 36,895 euros. Finally, at the top of the range, the ID.3 could be configured with the 77 kWh capacity battery with Pro S and Tour finishes.

However, in the summer of 2021, Volkswagen began to cut back on this offer, initially provisionally removing versions with the smallest battery. The reason was related to the microchip supply crisis. The variant that was withdrawn was the Pure Performance, with a 45 kWh battery and 110 kW of power (150 hp), which was the cheapest that could be configured in Spain and started at a price of 33,420 euros.

After a few months, in May of this year, Volkswagen hung up the all-sold sign for its electric cars, so that all the production of the ID.3 and ID.4 was already assigned to its buyer. New orders would have to endure a wait of a few months to receive their car. The pandemic, the lack of components and the increase in energy prices are causing assembly lines to be affected in their production capacity.

The cut has not only occurred in the production of cars but also in the range that can be accessed. So much so that that of ID.3 has been cut to a single option. Currently, only the 58 kWh battery can be selected in the Volkswagen configurator. If previously the 43 kWh had been withdrawn, now the 77 kWh is not available either, which, apparently, is reserved for the ID.4 and ID.5, which will start shipping soon.

Buy Volkswagen ID3-interior
The Volkswagen ID.3 Life with a 58 kWh battery is the only option available for this electric car. Its current price is 42,425 euros in Gray Ceres Black (image: Turquoise Makena Metallic Black, 650 euros more).

The currently available ID.3 Life has a potency of 150 kW (204 hp) and a battery of 58 kWh useful (62 kWh gross), that homologates an autonomy in the WLTP cycle of 415 kilometers. The average consumption is 15.6 kWh/100 km.

As options you can choose the body color among six options, the interior upholsterythe tires and the additional equipment options. You can also choose one of three home charger options:

  • ID.Charger with 4.5m charging cable, single-phase 7.4 KW (+€17.99 shipping costs): 480 euros
  • ID.Charger Connect with 4.5m charging cable, single-phase 7.4 KW (+€17.99 shipping costs): 680 euros.
  • ID.Charger Pro with 4.5 m charging cable, single-phase 7.4 KW (+€17.99 shipping costs) 850 euros.

With all this, without adding any extra to the configurator, the price of the ID.3 is €43,765. If the current commercial campaign of Volkswagen is applied, 1,360 euros can be discounted, with which the price is reduced to €42,425.

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