The Volkswagen e-Up! he will not say goodbye until 2025, but he already has a confirmed replacement

The case of the Volkswagen e-Up! It is a case worthy of study. The German electric city appears and disappears like the Guadiana River. While at its launch in 2019 few bet on it, today it has become a very popular car. Volkswagen has resurrected him when he was practically dead, and not only that: the Volkswagen e-Up! will remain in production until 2025when it will be replaced by the new batch of small electric cars from the German group.

The production of the e-Up! should have finished at the end of last year. However, the dealers did not stop receiving orders. This caused Volkswagen to extend its commercial life, as well as that of its twin brothers such as the Skoda Citigo iV. The demand for electric cars has “forced” the Germans to stretch their operations, but nothing happens either. Such is the demand that the dealerships are still saturated and the assembly lines are overwhelmed.

So much so that, once again, the Volkswagen e-Up! is scarce again. The rate of production is lower than the demand. So far this year, in Germany more than 84,000 registered units have been registered, which represents a market share of 13.4%. An unprecedented success in the history of a model that was destined to disappear. Be that as it may, Volkswagen is going to have to find a solution to keep the e-Up alive!, because its replacement is still a long way off.

Substitutes for the Volkswagen e-Up! in 2025

In the years to come, the Volkswagen ID family will continue to grow. While the arrival of models with grandiose characteristics is expected, as is the case of the Volkswagen Aero B, the family will also welcome accessible and reasonably priced models with open arms. A new batch of products that will take over from the e-Up! and Citigo iV, although its commercial launch is not expected until 2025, if the execution plans are carried out to the letter.

The direct replacement for the e-Up! it will be the Volkswagen ID.2.

We already know the name of the replacement for the e-Up!, and that is none other than the Volkswagen ID.2. At the moment there are many unknowns surrounding the next affordable electric car from Wolfsburg. We do know that it will arrive accompanied by twin models at Skoda, under an unknown name, but with the Modern Solid design philosophy, and under the CUPRA umbrella, where the CUPRA Urbanrevel will serve as inspiration at a creative and style level. The three will form a very interesting group that will have its production located in Spain.

The Germans have decided to make our country one of their most important electric car production centers. In addition to the battery plant installed in Sagunto, future affordable electric models will originate in Spain. The ID.2 will take over from the e-Up!, which will disappear from the market, leaving behind a very particular history. New design, new platform, MEB-Small architecture, and a state-of-the-art battery will be the keys to these future releases. There are still three years left until then, but time passes very quickly.

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