The Vässla Pedal arrives in Spain, an electric bicycle of Nordic design and 100 km of autonomy

The Swedish company Vässla introduces one more model in its range in Spain with the Vassla Pedal. It is an electric bicycle whose design and electric autonomy that the brand itself defines as a high-end but accessible bicycle.

And it is that, as is the case with the Vässla Scooter, the Vässla Pedal is not marketed based on a direct sales model to the consumer, but can only be accessed through a subscription program, with regular monthly payments of the same amount. As announced by the Spanish division of Bässla, the Vässla Pedal is available in Spain from 59 euros per monthhaving different subscription programs.

Due to its design and components, the Vässla Pedal falls within the category of urban and touring electric bicycles, also placing itself close to those called commuters. Nail 24-inch wheels and a rigid front fork make it only suitable for use on asphalt, while other elements such as the led headlight, the fenders and the kickstand will make it slightly easier to use in the urban environment.

Vassla Bike price
Vassla Bike price

What is undoubtedly most striking about the Vässla Pedal is its design. It does not have a traditional tubular frame like the rest of the bicycles that abound in the market. Instead, the structure is made up of a single longitudinal crossbar, on which both the front telescope and the tube that shelter both the rear chainstay and the saddle support are articulated at both ends.

On the technical side, a toothed belt acts between the pedals and the electric motor, which is of the hub type. Positioned on the rear wheel, the propeller sticks to the 250W maximum power allowed by European regulations, and complements them with 45 Nm of torque. This is powered by a removable battery whose capacity has not been confirmed, although they do state that it is capable of providing the cyclist with 100 kilometers of pedal assistance.

Vassla Bike.
Vassla Pedal.

In addition to all of the above, the Vässla Pedal brings with it a system that allows to connect the mobile phone to the bicycle and that it performs a function similar to a key. The brand calls this next-generation IoT connectivity system and comes with an app for digital unlocking, real-time tracking, alerts for attempted theft, and travel history.

The Vässla Pedal will have to compete commercially against low-priced, high-volume electric bicycles in Spain such as the Moma e-MTB 29, which is Amazon’s best-selling electric bicycle (available at this link) and other Decathlon models. All of them with traditional direct purchase models instead of a subscription model like that of Vässla.

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