The Urbet Lora reveals its great asset: it will be the “125” electric motorcycle with the most autonomy on the market

Urbet has revealed new details about its next electric motorcycle, the Urbet Lora, which is set to turn the market upside down. And it is that, among the data that the company has published, is the great asset of the Urbet Lora: it will be the electric motorcycle equivalent to 125 with more autonomy on the market.

The Urbet Lora will be the flagship of the brand, which is reason enough for Urbet to have prepared an electric motorcycle with top-level features. There will be two versions: Lora and Lora Sboth cataloged as L3e, and therefore suitable for driving with the A1 license (or B if you have at least three years of seniority).

And here comes the most interesting part: Urbet says that the Lora S will have more than 300 kilometers of autonomy in real conditions with a full battery charge. A battery that, according to the latest information provided by the brand, will have a 210 Ah capacity in the most powerful version. At the moment we do not know the autonomy and battery capacity data of the access version, which will have less autonomy.

The Urbet Lora is a ‘naked’ type electric motorcycle with a neo-retro design.

The brand has not mentioned if it is the real autonomy in combined use or in urban use (it is probably the latter). In any case, we would be talking about the “125” electric motorcycle with the greatest autonomy on the market, and one of the ones that has the most even taking into account models of all kinds. Currently, only the Zero SR 2022 offers a higher autonomy figure (365 kilometers in the city).

The electric motor will offer a nominal power of 11 kW (15 CV), the maximum allowed for its category, but it will be able to deliver a peak power up to 25 hp. The most performance version, the Urbet Lora S, will reach a maximum speed of 150 km/h.

The most performance version, called Lora S, will reach a top speed of 150 km/h.

Designed in-house by Urbet Electric Motors (a company with origins in Marbella), the new Lora will be a motorcycle naked type, with a neo-retro style design as can be glimpsed according to the sketches and first renders that the brand has published. It will be a motorcycle with sporty aspirations, and much more capable than the Urbet models that we knew until now. Its name is inspired by the Sevillian municipality of Lora del Río, where the inspiration to launch this model arose, according to the founder of the Spanish brand, Santiago Díaz-Pache.

It will also be the first model of the brand to have connectivity with a mobile application, which will offer various information about the motorcycle and driving. In addition, it will offer a more precise calculation of the remaining autonomy thanks to software with artificial intelligence.

Urbet will reveal the final design of the Lora on May 13.

The brand will unveil the Urbet Lora on next May 13 at the MOMA22 Motorcycle Show, which will take place in the city of Malaga between May 13 and 15. In addition to the final design of the motorcycle, the Andalusian company will reveal all the technical data of the model.

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