The Trek Domane+ LT 7 e-bike comes with shock integrated into the frame

Within this year’s range of electric bikes from Trek, the Domane+ LT 7 is included within the models dedicated to the highway. The American manufacturer affirms that it has been created for those who seek to enjoy the same sensations that it offers a real road bike with an extra dose of power. But it’s your carbon frame includes a secret that makes it possible to step on gravel grounds. A technology called IsoSpeedperforms the functions of a damping system allowing to vary the stiffness of the frame even on the fly. For the rest, it is a very high-end bicycle for which you have to pay the not insignificant amount of €8,000.

Although categorized as a road bike, the geometry of the Trek Domane+ LT 7 can work just fine off it, as long as the trail isn’t overly demanding. Your painting is manufactured in its entirety in carbon fiber. It is a material that is already, by its very nature, quite flexible and stiff where it is needed. Trek has wanted to add one more extra with the implementation of a system called IsoSpeed both at the front and at the rear.

TrekDomane+ LT 7 electric bike carbon fiber isospeed-interior3
Carbon fiber frame of the Trek Domane+ LT 7 electric bicycle.

IsoSpeed ​​is Trek’s patented technology to dampen shock and vibration. What it does is allow the frame moves enough to reduce the impacts that reach the cyclist. Looking closely at the junction of the top tube with the top tube, into which the seat post inserts, you can see that the seat tube is actually connected to the top tube. Between the two there is a kind of rubber stopper separating the two segments. Below the top tube is an adjustable carbon fiber part. The game that allows this segment modifies the damping stiffnessas you can see in the following video:

The front of It also has another IsoSpeed, although in this case it does not allow the same adjustment. Basically, between the two, you get a bicycle that “moves” on an elastic band. Plus, on-the-fly changes are possible, because adjustment requires nothing more than an Allen key.

The rest of the bike responds to the specifications of a high-end model. The electrical part in this case is the work of Fazua who integrates the 250 Wh battery and the 250 W motor in the same module both removable. A lightweight drivetrain system in pursuit of making the Trek Domane+ LT 7 a very lightweight vehicle: 13.4 kilograms in total.

TrekDomane+ LT 7 electric bike carbon fiber isospeed-interior1
The electrical part of the Trek Domane+ LT 7 is the work of Fazua that integrates the 250 Wh battery and the 250 W motor in the same module, both removable.

In a bicycle of this type, the majority of the energy to move it comes from the human body, so that the motor is only used when necessary and up to 25 km/h (EPAC regulations), that is, to climb slopes. Therefore, another advantage of the Fazua system is that when the engine turns off the resistance that it offers to pedaling is practically non-existent. Also, battery and motor are removable so it can be converted into a conventional bicycle simply by removing both elements and placing the cover. The system is also compatible with a mobile phone app that allows you to check battery status and personalize tours.

How could it be otherwise, the components of the bicycle are also high-end, as is the case with the Shimano Ultegra Di2 drivetraina wireless change that only requires pressing a lever so that the technology works the miracle without the need for uncomfortable cables.

TrekDomane+ LT 7 electric bike carbon fiber isospeed-interior2
Shimano’s Ultegra Di2 transmission is a wireless change that only requires the press of a lever for the technology to work the miracle without the need for cumbersome cables.

In order to get off the road and explore some gravel trails, Trek has built the frame to be fender compatible more importantly though, a larger tire clearance was designed into the fork and rear triangle, allowing you to add gravel tires.

All this set of materials, technologies and components is not cheap. That’s why the price of the Trek Domane+ LT 7 on the manufacturer’s website It is €7,999. There it is possible to configure it in three different combined colors and in various sizes.

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