The Toyota MR2 will also be resurrected as a fully electric sports car

It is not the first time that such a movement can be seen within the Toyota group, since the Japanese hope to execute something similar with the Lexus supercar, the LFA, which will return to the ranks of the brand as a fully electric car at the end of this decade. From Toyota they are less ostentatious and are already preparing the launch of a much more affordable electric sports car than the one mentioned above. East It will be the spiritual replacement for the mythical Toyota MR2 and will be just as fun to drive as its predecessor..

Toyota’s sports department, Gazoo Racing (GR), wants to get fully into the territory of electric cars, of course providing them with specifications that live up to expectations. Just a few days ago we learned of the development of a variant signed by GR of the newcomer Toyota bZ4x, which could incorporate new, more capable elements, as well as an increase in power to beyond 300 hp. This same department has recently launched the Toyota GR86, a sports car specially designed for the most puritanical customers. Now, that same vehicle concept is being transferred to an electrical architecture that will see the light of day in the coming years.

This sports car will be the Toyota MR2, which will be based on the Toyota’s modular electric vehicle platform, the E-TNGA, the same one already used by the Toyota bZ4x, Subaru Solterra and Lexus RZ. This is used on medium-level vehicles, among which the future electric sports car that will reach the ranks of Toyota will be perfectly included.

Let us remember that at the end of last year, the Toyota group hinted at a significant variety of electric vehicles (15 exactly) that would be launched in the coming years of this same decade. Among them were an urban crossover, an electric sedan to compete with the Tesla Model 3, an electric SUV that we were able to talk about a few days ago, as well as a striking-looking sports car (the one that heads this article). The latter is the one that is expected to evolve properly into the new fully electric Toyota MR2.

PHOTO - The Toyota MR2 was characterized by a light and very agile driving
The Toyota MR2 was characterized by a light and very agile handling.

If the Toyota MR2 of past generations was characterized by anything, it was its low weight and its light and agile dynamics. The new all-electric model must take over from this. This is something that will not be easy to take with current lithium-ion battery technology, although Toyota is already preparing to launch solid-state batteries in the coming years; a technology from which this future electric sports car could benefit, since these are lighter and have a smaller size than the current onesalthough, for the moment, this is nothing more than speculation.

From Toyota they have already stated that creating the sensation of a current thermal car with a central engine and manual gearbox is possible with an electric vehicle. This example will be carried out by Porsche with its next electric 718 Cayman and Boxster, which incorporate more weight in the central rear area, through a more generous stacking of their batteries where the mechanical block used to be. This scheme could be the same one used by Toyota for its electric sports car, which could also make use of the manual gearbox patent for electric cars that was already leaked a few months ago.

At the moment there is nothing official about this future launch, beyond the conceptual model shown by the brand at the end of last year. It is expected that this will begin its commercialization at the end of this same decade and will incorporate the possibility of a removable roof plate to make the new electric Toyota MR2 a sports targa.

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