The Toyota bZ5, the electric Toyota that will rival the Tesla Model 3, is already on the streets

Although at the moment its offer of electric cars is reduced to just the bZ4x, Toyota is working on a whole range of models that will come to light gradually. After starting the commercialization of its SUV, the next model to hit the streets will be another with a global focus, an electric saloon the size of the Tesla Model 3 whose development has already begun that everything indicates that it will be called Toyota bZ5.

That the development of the model has begun is evident from the photographs that accompany these lines, first published by the Chinese press and later echoed by Autoevolution. The test unit in question has been hunted in china and everything indicates that Toyota will turn to the BYD specialist to incorporate battery technology into this model that is up to the task.

Despite the fact that the body shows a thick black camouflage, the firm’s engineers have not made an effort to hide that it is a unit in charge of supporting the development of the production model of the Toyota BZ SDN, which is one of the 15 cars conceptual electrics with which the brand surprised at the end of last December.

Although it is camouflaged, it is clear that the model in question is the conceptual Toyota bZ SDN presented by Toyota last year.

Aspects such as the design of both the front and rear headlights, as well as the proportions of the bodywork, and the mere fact that its design hardly changes as in accordance with the conceptual model, are responsible for certifying that this electric car will hardly undergo changes when it breaks on the production line of the Japanese manufacturer.

Among the series of images that have been taken of the model at street level, one stands out in which the interior of this test unit can be seen, in which a huge central screen lying on the dashboard rests on the center console. There is no yoke-type steering wheel here as there is on the Lexus RZ and Toyota bZ4x, although this does not mean that this option will not be included.

A large vertical screen is the center of attention inside this test bZ5.

Another striking aspect of this sighting is that inside the car there was a file with some revealing technical data. Among the most important, the measurements of the model stand out, which with 4.73 meters long and 2.88 meters wheelbase It directly faces the Tesla Model 3 and its 4.69 meters.

The technical sheet also refers to the total weight of the electric car, which with 2,215 kilos it is not postulated as a featherweight, although being a prototype the number will most likely decrease when the model goes into production.

Due to its measurements, the electric Toyota bZ5 is directed to the D segment.

As for the date of arrival on the market, everything indicates that the electric Toyota bZ5x will reach the market and will reach the different countries for which it is planned during the next 2023, so d

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