The Toyota bZ4X will be available under subscription, with maintenance and charging point included

Toyota has already started all the processes for the commercial launch of its first electric car. The Toyota bZ4X is a car of great importance for the Japanese brand, but the Japanese propose a very particular commercial format for the first years of life of their new creature. It will be available only by subscription, not only in Japan, as was already known, but also in Europe.where the launch prices for the German market have already been announced.

The Japanese have a very particular way of thinking and seeing reality. In the Asian country the incidence of the electric car is even lower than in Spain. Drivers do not trust electric cars, being very skeptical about autonomy and charging infrastructure. They prefer other electrified alternatives, mainly plug-in hybrids and conventional hybrids, where Toyota shows its great power.

Knowing this, Toyota directors propose a launch under subscription for the local market. The Toyota bZ4X will not be bought, It will be rented for a period of 36 months, three years, in which other aspects such as maintenance will be included.. This particular commercial strategy will also be used in Europe, as stated by Automotive News. Toyota wants to replicate the sales format with which the first electric cars were introduced more than a decade ago. A rental that will be made through the company KINTO, the Toyota sub-brand dedicated to such tasks.

Toyota bZ4x.
Toyota bZ4x.

At the moment, the Spanish division has not specified sales prices, but the German division has. In Germany the bZ4X will be available from a starting price of 48,580 euros, reaching a maximum of 57,290 euros. We now know that these prices will be under a leasing program that will include maintenance, access to connected services and the installation of a home charging point. A very complete package that will help first-time customers to take such a decisive step.

Despite such a different strategy, Toyota knows the bZ4X won’t become a bestseller, but they aren’t too worried about it either. The Japanese want the electric SUV to be attractive to those who doubt, sales volume is secondary. The company’s strategy includes an investment of more than 35 billion dollars until 2030 with the intention of selling more than 3.5 million electric cars by then, as well as launching 30 different electric models around the world.

It will be necessary to see if the strategy of leasing instead of buying will satisfy European drivers, a continent where the electric car is increasingly widespread. Some analysts doubt the strategy that Toyota wants to implement, but from the brand they cling to the idea that their role is to dissipate the anxiety of first-time electric drivers. Offering insurance guarantees that encourages many to change their mentality.

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