The Toyota bZ4X starts his life on the wrong foot: the first call for review arrives

When things don’t want to go well, they don’t go well no matter how hard you try. Toyota has been a long time making the leap to electric mobility, but the credentials are promising. After creating a new brand, Beyond Zero, the first of the house’s electrics has already reached the market, or almost. The Toyota bZ4X should land in dealerships in just a few months, but that has not prevented him from suffering the first recall of his life.

Although in Spain deliveries are scheduled for the return of summer, in other countries they have already started. Toyota’s announcement affects all units worldwide, so all the units that were already circulating must go through the official workshop to correct the problem detected during safety tests. What problem is that? Well, the wheel can come off the axle due to a failure in the anchor bolts.

This is a big security issue. The notice issued by Toyota is as follows: “The rim bolt can loosen due to repeated sharp turns or sudden braking. Therefore, if this conduction is maintained, an abnormal noise will be generated in the wheel that, in the worst case, can come off the axle itself. Come on, if you drive aggressively, the fixing screws of the rim to the axle can loosen and the wheel can come off while driving.

Toyota recommends not driving the vehicle until the problem is solved in an official workshop

The Japanese have not put half measures before the risk and have advised all owners to stop using the car until they go to the official workshop. As we have already said, this is a global recall. It is estimated that there are about 2,700 Toyota bZ4X currently circulating in the world. Most of them are in Europe, about 2,200. The rest are divided between North America, Japan and Asia. At the moment it is unknown if his twin brother, the Subaru Solterra, is also affected by the security problem.

The truth is that the problem can bring harsh image consequences to Toyota. A brand recognized for the reliability of its products that has rarely had to face similar problems, much less with a product that aspires to become a driver of brand change. It is clear that the Toyota bZ4X was not born in the best of circumstances, but no one doubts that it will attract a good number of customers.

In addition to the advice not to drive the car, Toyota has not reported on the procedure to be followed to solve the problem. It is expected that in the next few days all clients will be notified with the steps to take. The priority is maximum because many cars are waiting to arrive. One more delay could cause severe damage to the volume of sales and the image of the car itself. It is unknown if the operations to solve the problem are more or less complex. We will know soon.

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