The three-wheeled electric scooter exists and is available in Spain: this is the “Electric Piaggio MP3”

The Piaggio MP3, Yamaha Tricity and Peugeot Metropolis represent in Spain a segment that is quite a ‘rare bird’ of European roads due to the concept around which they are articulated, since between them they currently constitute all three-wheeled scooters on our market . Introduced in 2019, the Dofern D1 opened an even more hidden market niche, as it is the only three-wheeled electric scooter that is currently marketed in Spain.

As is the case with its gasoline rivals, by using three wheels it is classified as a tricycle, so it is possible to drive it with a car license from the first moment. In addition, both for its benefits and for its technical specifications, the Dofern D1 is equated to the 125 versions of the aforementioned three-wheel scooters.

Despite the existence of a lower power version, the only mechanical variant offered in our country is the 5 kW power version, which is equivalent to 6.8 hp. A figure that may seem low a priori, but the truth is that its maximum speed is 100 kilometers per houra, so it will move the 140 kilos of weight that the set has with solvency thanks to the usual impetus in the delivery of power from the electric motors, which in this case is positioned centrally and sends the power to the rear wheel through a strap.

Donfern D1
Dofern D1 electric.

To feed the electric motor, the Chinese brand has provided the D1 with a double battery. This takes place under the flat floor, and each has a capacity of 2.4 kWh (60 V and 40 Ah), resulting in a total capacity of 4.8kWhsufficient for a full charge to offer a autonomy in urban areas of up to 100 kilometers with a full charge.

The Dofern D1 enjoys higher coasts than is usual among electric scooters, which is why it is allowed to offer an approach close to that of a maxiscooter, with a large front fairing and a seat divided into two heights to give better visibility to the passenger. . It offers a cargo capacity under the seat of 35 liters, which allows it to accommodate two full-face helmets under it, something that in the field of electric scooters, only the Silence S01 can boast.

In terms of equipment, the Dofern D1 boasts full LED lighting, as well as a color screen that functions as a dashboard. Like many other electric scooters, and given the absence of a gearbox, the Dofern D1 has a reverse function via button that makes it easy to maneuver with it in certain circumstances. Optionally, you can equip a backrest for the passenger or a loading platform to install a trunk.

Donfern D1.
Dofern D1.

It is not, however, an affordable model. In Spain in Dofern D1 it is available in several points of sale in exchange for a price of 8,400 euros. At this price, however, the up to 1,300 euros that the Moves III Plan provides at the end of the purchase can be discounted, since electric tricycles equivalent to 125 are also contemplated in the aid section of the state incentive plan.

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