The Tesla Model 3 is no longer the best-selling electric car in the world

The sales figures for electric cars for the first three months of 2022 leave behind a striking fact that becomes news, since what was until now the best-selling electric car in the world, the Tesla Model 3 falls from the first position of the sales table. However, the first position is still held by the signature of Elon Musk.

And it is that, although the fall in the table of the Model 3 is quite an event, it is also what it is that Tesla continues to have the best-selling electric car in the world, since the Tesla Model Y has taken the baton from the electric sedan to bring an advantage of more than 40,000 units.

As pointed from EV Volumes through CleanTechnica, the Tesla Model Y has become the electric battery that has registered the most globally until the end of March thanks to the 169,682 units that have hit the streets, while the Tesla Model 3 has “settled” with 127,936 registrations.

Tesla Model Y.
Tesla Model Y.

The two Tesla models, together with the Volkswagen ID.4, which has managed to market 29,444 units, thus placing itself in seventh position, are the only models within the top ten best sellers that are not of Chinese origin.

China continues to show off electric cars

Followed by the Tesla Model 3, the third position is held by the Wuling MINI EV (or Wuling HongGuang EV), which is for practical purposes also the best-selling electric car in the world. The small Chinese electric has managed to register 100,361 units from January to March of this year.

The successful Wuling MINI EV is followed by the BYD Son, BYD Qin, Li Xiang and BYD Dolphin, in fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh position with 57,859, 46,987, 31,716 and 29,672 units, respectively. The top Ten are closed by BYD Han, in ninth position with 29,192 units, and Chery QQ Ice Cream in tenth, with 28,113 units.

The trend of Chinese electrics also remains in the next ten positions, since only the Ioniq 5 and KIA EV6 sneak into the 20 best sellers, with 26,331 and 17,948 units each, to be in positions 12 and 20, respectively.

The 20 best-selling electric cars from January to March 2022 (units)

  1. Tesla Model Y – 169,682
  2. Tesla Model 3 – 127,936
  3. Wuling MINI EV – 100.361
  4. BYD Son – 57,859
  5. BYD Qin – 46,987
  6. Li Xiang – 31,716
  7. Dolphin – 29,672
  8. Volkswagen ID.4 – 29.444
  9. BYD Han – 29,192
  10. Chery QQ Ice Cream – 28.113
  11. BYD Tang – 27,956
  12. Hyundai Ioniq 5 – 26,331
  13. Changan Benni – 26,151
  14. BYD QinPlus – 24,042
  15. Chery EQ1 – 21,382
  16. ARO Good Cat – 19,334
  17. Xpeng P7 – 19,556
  18. GAC Aion Y – 18,900
  19. Net Hozon V – 18,677
  20. KIA EV6 – 17,948

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