The Tesla Model 3 is no longer alone: ​​the best-selling electric car has more and more custom rivals

The Tesla Model 3 is a revolutionary electric car, and since the moment it was launched on the market four years ago, it has also manifested itself as a true sales phenomenon. However, and with enough time having passed for Tesla’s rivals to have analyzed and contextualized the success of the Model 3, the world’s best selling electric car must begin to face more and more rivals that have been designed, almost, to measure to beat him commercially.

In fact, this week we have attended the launch of two models from two of the largest manufacturers in the world. On the one hand, Hyundai has presented the second production model of its Ioniq range, the Ioniq 6, and on the other, Volkswagen has shown the ID for the first time. Aero, a model that in 2023 after some great aesthetic changes, will give rise to the Volkswagen ID.7.

These two models will shortly be added to the electric D segment in Europe, which Until now, apart from the Model 3, it only had the BMW i4 and Polestar 2 as the only alternatives.. These two models, however, and despite being located in the D segment, and at least during their first year of marketing, have not been able to fully cope with the Tesla Model 3 for various reasons.

Tesla Model 3 4
Tesla Model 3 4

In the case of the BMW model, a significantly higher price It is shown as the main obstacle for many buyers, since between the most accessible versions of both models there is a difference of 10,000 euros. The Polestar 2, for its part, suffers from the lack of a commercial network that gives it visibility, as well as electrical benefits significantly lower than those of the Tesla Model 3, although for prices they do rival directly. In fact, after the latest Tesla adjustments, the Polestar model is 5,800 euros more affordable.

The Ioniq 6 and Volkswagen ID. Aero are very different cases

With the BMW i4 clearly positioned for its price as a premium alternative to the Tesla Model 3, and with Polestar still developing within the markets it wants to bring its models to, the models presented by Hyundai and Volkswagen promise to be both more affordable than the i4while at the same time they will enjoy a commercial network as established as the German brandso they will be much more competitive alternatives for the American electric.

hyundai ioniq 6

About the Hyundai model, the ionic 6, there are still many data to know, including its price and autonomy. Initially, however, its overall length will cause it to be located between segment D and Eas it will measure 4.86 meters long, 11 centimeters more than the Tesla Model 3 and 10 less than a Mercedes-Benz EQE.

The Ioniq 6 is based on the same architecture as the Ioniq 5 and KIA EV6, whose versions that offer more autonomy (around 500 kilometers) use a 77 kWh battery. Presumably the Ioniq 6 will not be able to equip a larger battery, but Hyundai has made an effort during the development of the model so that it has a much higher efficiency than that of the other models based on the eGMP, so It is possible to see an autonomy close to 600 kilometers.

As for the Volkswagen ID. Aero this is, without a doubt, the one that will most complicate the commercial existence of the Model 3, at least in Europe. It is an electric car that It is designed to be placed at the height of the Passat in the Volkswagen rangeand whose autonomy will exceed 600 kilometers in the version with the highest battery capacity and lowest consumption (it will reach 620 kilometers in the version with the longest range).

Volkswagen ID.  electric aero.
Volkswagen ID. electric aero.

According to the conceptually presented model, and given that Volkswagen has presented the ID. air like a “close to production” model“It is expected that the car that hits the streets will largely retain the design that they have shown, while the Ioniq 6 seen is the model that will hit the streets.

As both Volkswagen and Hyundai have announced, the production model of the ID. Aero and the Ioniq 6 will hit the European market during 2023.

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