The Tesla factory in Fremont reaches record figures: it manufactures more cars than ever

Tesla’s plans go through making the company bigger. To satisfy this need for growth, those in Austin are not only proposing the opening of new factories, but also making the current centers of high productivity. The Fremont plant, the first and original of Tesla, is more productive than in its entire history. Remember that Elon Musk bought the factory from Toyota and General Motors, and that at the time it came to position itself as one of the most active in the country.

The original Fremont plant was originally built in 1984. Between that year and 2010, a total of eight million cars between Toyota and General Motors were manufactured at the facilities., peaking in productivity of more than 428,000 vehicles per year in 2006. Following the acquisition of Tesla, the Fremont factory has undergone a major renovation, almost from the ground up. Considerable changes that have made it one of the most productive centers in the country.

Today it can be said that Fremont is capable of producing more cars than in the best year of its life. In 2021, the Californian plant closed the course with a total of 444,600 units, which is equivalent to a total of 8,550 cars per weekpositioning itself as the reference center in the United States, surpassing other industry giants such as Toyota or BMW, which ranked second and third with some of their American plants.

Elon Musk believes there is still room to increase production volume by 50%

Despite achieving such successful figures, Elon Musk believes that there is still room to increase production volume by 50%, although he does not give many details of how he intends to achieve such a feat. Nor is it that Tesla needs to exceed the limits of the Fremont plant since the new Gigafactory in Austin is beginning to harvest very notorious production volumes. Despite this, there are plans for growth, both inside and outside the United States.

New plants for Tesla

The third part of Elon Musk’s master plan indicates that Tesla has to get much bigger. Having the necessary resources and capital to do so, the tycoon is seriously thinking about opening new facilities for the production of vehicles. The locations that earn the most points are Canada and Mexico, in addition to a new factory in the United States. The first data does not show specific places where to build the factories, but the search is already underway.

At the moment the priority is to expand the production volume of its two most recent factories: Austin and Berlin. Although the American plant is already beginning to pick up pace, the German plant registers a production of 1,000 units per week. An important fact, but far from the most positive estimates. Reaching maximum production capacity is not easy or quick. The primary objective is that, although the opening of new centers that take Tesla to its next objective is not lost sight of.

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