The Tesla factory in Berlin signs a new milestone, 1,000 Model Y manufactured per week

Little by little the Tesla Brandenburg Gigafactory in Berlin is picking up pace. The German plant is the company’s first in Europe, and after going through a construction stage more tortuous than expected, since the start-up the plans seem to be being carried out correctly. Some days ago, the Berlin Gigafactory reached a very special milestone, manufacturing 1,000 cars in a single week. It is not a very spectacular fact, but it is the beginning of something much greater.

When Elon Musk decided to open one of his famous Gigafactories in Europe, he did so thinking of a support center capable of supplying cars directly to the old continent due to the great increase in sales. Musk himself was in charge of officially opening the plant last March. In April it was already manufacturing at a rate of 350 cars a weekand in just two months that figure has almost tripled.

The plans are much bigger, and within a short time we will see higher figures, but at this rate, the annual production would be 52,000 cars per year, a little low, but within expectations. Nevertheless, the initial plans estimated reaching this volume of production in the month of Aprilso the growth of the facilities is somewhat delayed with respect to the theoretical deadlines agreed before the opening of the plant.

Despite this, everyone has been very satisfied with this milestone. Remember that only one unit is produced in the Berlin Gigafactory, the Tesla Model Y, which represents very well the high volume of sales that the family is achieving. More concretely, all units produced correspond to the Performance version of the Model Y with batteries assembled by LG in China. In a few months, more models will go into production, especially the expected units with a structural battery and 4680 cells.

Since the plant began its productive journey, there have always been rumors about the bottleneck caused by the paint shop. Elon Musk came to recognize that the painting room of the Berlin Gigafactory was the most advanced in the world, and that soon (although nothing has been known since) we will know a completely new color palette and never seen before. An improvement that at the moment is causing more problems than benefits.

Tesla workers next to the 1,000th Tesla Model Y from last week.

Nor is the geopolitical situation in Eastern Europe and the constant supply problems that the entire industry is going through helping. There are many plans for the Brandenburg plant. The data estimates that the German factory can reach a production capacity of 500,000 cars per year, although a specific period of time has not been set to reach that figure. What we do know is that Tesla is already taking the appropriate measures for a possible expansion, which shows the important plans that weigh on the European Gigafactory.

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