The Tesla Cybertruck is seen again, now with new features inside

The Tesla Cybertruck is still going around before its official launch. The Tesla pick-up is still in the development phase, but that does not mean that those in Austin will exhibit it for different celebrations. The last time we saw her was during the impressive opening ceremony of the Austin Gigafactory. Just a month and a half later, it is completely natural again with new details that we had not seen until now, including a redesigned interior.

The Cybertruck project seems to never end. Since it was presented in 2019, the electric truck has done nothing but accumulate delay after delay. The latest release date places us in the year 2023, although we do not know specifically in what part of the year it will take place such an honorable event. What is clear is that the engineers and developers continue to complete stages of its development, as we have seen on this occasion.

During the official opening of the Megapack project at Moss Landing in California, the Cybertruck has surprised with its visit the public and the attending media. Thanks to the images captured by the local chain KSBW We have been able to know the new details of the Tesla Cybertruck. As we already knew at the time, the Cybertruck will have a patented system for itself, being one of the most complex windshield wipers on the market.

Among the novelties discovered now is the incorporation of a small instrument panel behind the steering wheel

The truth is that at first glance it looks like a normal windshield wiper. As a detail, it should be noted that it is only attached to the lower left corner, so to cover the entire front window it will have to be partially extended, as previous prototypes already showed. In the past we have already seen formats like this, for example in the second generation SEAT León, but on that occasion there were two hidden wipers on the sides instead of one.

If we leave the bodywork and enter the passenger compartment, we get our first glimpse of details like the small instrumentation behind the yoke-style steering wheel. The sketches and the various prototypes that we have seen these years of the Cybertruck did not show a front panel, since all the attention was focused on a single screen located in the center of the console. However, this time there is no doubt that what we see are the forms of a classic painting with a digital panel.

While speculation around the Tesla Cybertruck continues at its usual pace, the launch still has no fixed date. There are still many details to be known about the electric pick-up, such as the size of its battery with 4680 cells or the power of its drive train with up to four motors. The thousand and one hidden secrets of the Cybertruck will continue to arrive before Elon Musk himself presents his definitive commercial format. Meanwhile, rivals like the Ford F-150 Lightning are gaining an advantage thanks to being earlier to market.

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