The technology of Energica’s electric motorcycles under the fairing of other manufacturers

Energica has earned a great reputation as a manufacturer of high-performance electric motorcycles and for a technology that is currently compete in the MotoE championship of the International Motorcycling Federation. After the announcement of the Italian company to withdraw from the competition, it is now embarking on other plans for the future, such as the development of the program Energy Insidedesigned to offer other manufacturers its patented technology for use in their electric range.

In addition to manufacturing three models of high-performance electric motorcyclesEnergica intends to open new lines of business taking advantage of their experience in this field. During the last 10 years, the company has been developing its propulsion systems for electric motorcycles taking advantage of the test laboratory that the MotoE competition represents, of which it will cease to be the exclusive supplier in 2023.

Energy Inside is set as a new business unit developed in-house and designed to help other motorcycle manufacturers accelerate the development of their own models, using Energica’s patented technology. The company claims to have the “experience and skills necessary to expand its operations and cover other sectors”, which is a key objective of this program.

Carlos Iacovini, general manager of Energica Inside explains that the creation of this new business unit was born in parallel with the industrial agreements forged in recent years, with the aim of supporting its customers in the transition to ecological propulsion systems. The deals Iacovini mentions are numerous, as Energica has always looked for ways to expand its reach, beyond creating its own dealer network in Europe and North America.

Energica presents its catalog of electric motorcycles 2020. Ego +, Eva Ribelle, Eva EsseEsse9 +
Catalog of electric motorcycles from Energica. Ego +, Eva Ribelle, Eva EsseEsse9 +

In 2019, Energica announced its association with the company Dell’Orto, to create a line of low and medium power electric motorcycles with the aim of offering them in its European catalogue. The potential market to which these new models will be directed evolves exponentially, reaching record figures. The agreement signed by both companies aimed at the development and production of new motors for electric motorcycles of small size, between 8 and 11 kW, and medium, up to 30 kW.

At the end of 2020, Energica presented its partnership with the Italian startup Sealance slr, for the development of electric boats with a high technological level. The two companies will accelerate the development of a project that will start from Sealeance’s DeepSpeed ​​drive, which includes the electric motor-jet assembly in a single machine, to which Energica will contribute above all its experience in the field of batteries.

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