The Ssangyong Torres is completely naked before us: this will be the Korean electric SUV

While Ssangyong is still looking for a buyer, the Koreans are not stopping the activities of launching new products. Since the appearance of the current Rexton, a clear improvement has been shown in the products of the house. The Korando reaffirmed those feelings and the Ssangyong Torres It seems to confirm them. As is traditional in the firm, a new SUV will soon hit the market and it will not take several months to discover what it will be like, since it has just been shown in all its splendor in a previous leak.

In the middle of last month we talked about Torres for the first time. Through some official sketches Ssangyong confirmed a new release. His attractive silhouette and his muscular body hinted at a very daring and showy SUV superior in size to the Korando and inferior to the Rexton, the flagship of the house that has also been updated recently. In addition to a completely different design, the Torres has a secret weapon, its total electrification.

Interior of the Ssangyong Towers

Indeed, the Ssangyong Torres will be a 100% electric SUV, the first of the brand. The filtration leaves little or nothing to the imagination. Through an extensive collection of images we can definitively see what the SUV will look like. Especially striking is a very well presented interior whose quality feeling seems quite good. Lots of technology presented in a spectacular way with up to three different digital screens; one for instrumentation, one for air conditioning and one for the multimedia system.

Unfortunately, Although we can already see the Torres from all its exterior and interior angles, we do not know much about what it will be like mechanically.. It is expected to share part of the development of the Ssangyong Korando e-Motion, although at the moment the information has not been released. If he copied the electrical scheme of his brother, he would mount a 61.5 kWh capacity battery that would feed a single motor and offer a range close to 340 kilometers. However, we expect more.

As should be mandatory in a brand like Ssangyong, a specialist in SUVs and 4x4s, the Torres must have a marked country accent, both aesthetically, where it is shown, and mechanically. For that reason a higher performance electrical set is expected. Two engines will generate an electric all-wheel drive. This increase in power and abilities off road They must be accompanied by a larger battery and an estimated autonomy of 400 kilometers.

Such a structure would allow it to position itself against rivals such as the Subaru Solterra or the Toyota bZ4X. As for delivery times, there are no confirmed dates. Premature leak will force Ssangyong to speed up deadlines. It is expected to see the light of day in the coming weeks, officially hitting the markets early next year.. During that time, Ssangyong will continue to search for a buyer after a failed sale earlier this year. Suitors are not lacking, but she has to confirm the relationship.

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