The Squad Solar City Car arrives in Europe, a small electric car powered by solar energy

Like electric scooters, bicycles or motorcycles, the electrification market has led to the arrival of new cheaper alternatives for electric cars, some of them specially designed for urban travel, such as the proposals launched by Stellantis with the Citroën AMI or the Opel Rocks-e. However, from Squad Mobility they propose an electric vehicle which feed their batteries through solar panels attached to the roof of the same.

The Squad Solar City Car is a model that we were already able to see last summer and that was presented in the form of a conceptual design. At that time there were many who could have doubted its viability; however, from this company they have made important progress in this regard and today have presented their model fully ready to start marketing in Europe.

Its agility in urban territory is capital.
Its agility in urban territory is capital.

This vehicle listed as light electric quadricycle, comes in a small size of just 2 meters long, 1.2 meters wide and 1.6 meters high. From the company itself they affirm that with these levels up to 3 vehicles can be accommodated in a single parking space for use, which represents a great advance in pursuit of agility in daily urban mobility. A maximum of two passengers can move in its cabin and, although it is hard to imagine due to its small dimensions, it even has a small 68 liter trunk where to store small objects, a bag or a backpack.

Its exterior image is of a somewhat rudimentary but equally striking vehicle. The first view that many may have of it is very similar to that of a golf cart but suitable for urban traffic. Its optical groups are made up of LED lights that, in turn, are inserted on exterior panels that, a priori, will only be available in blue, although new color alternatives will arrive later. Its design is combined with generous general glazing.

The combined capacity of its batteries reaches 6.4 kWh.
The combined capacity of its batteries reaches 6.4 kWh.

The interior is similarly spartan with an intensive use of hard plastics almost throughout the cabin. Access is through generous doors, which can be dismantled and left at home., for those summer days when the heat hits hard. The trunk to which we alluded earlier, is accessed by folding down any of the two main seats, since the cargo space is located behind them. On the dashboard we find a convenient space to put objects and, next to the steering wheel, there is a support where to place the smartphone and a portable speakersince the vehicle does not have an infotainment screen or sound system.

The Squad Solar City Car is presented as “the solar electric car for everyone”, and its main feature is the possibility to completely dispense with plugging it into a home network or any public recharging point, since it will be self-sufficient thanks to its solar panels located on its roof. According to the brand’s own estimation, “on sunny summer days” you can recover up to 20 kilometers of autonomy per day. These carry out the recharging of their batteries by DC presenting a minimum loss of energy in this action.

The model has capacity to store up to four battery modules, which are portable and interchangeable. Each of them has an operating capacity of 1.6 kWh, which the total sum results in a capacity of 6.4 kWh. This results in an electric range of up to 100 kilometers and a maximum speed of up to 45 km/h thanks to its double electric motor scheme housed in the rear axle, each of which has a maximum power of 2 kW.

The brand has already opened the order book for this model with the idea of carry out the first deliveries throughout the next year 2023. Its starting price is 6,250 euros before taxes for the access variant. Additionally, two other versions will be available, Pioneer and Signature, for which a purchase price of 7,050 and 9,300 euros, respectively, is estimated.

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