The Spanish Acciona announces two wind farms that will provide electricity to more than 60,000 homes

The Spanish energy company Acciona Energía makes official the construction of two new wind projects destined to generate electricity equivalent to that needed by 60,000 homes. The construction of them will take place in Croatia, where Acciona has been operating since 2013and will be identified by the names of Opor and Boraja II.

The allocation of the same is linked to a ‘Contract for Difference’ (CfD) for 12 years with the Croatian electricity and gas regulator HROTE (Hrvatski Operator Trzista Energije). This contract for difference has been allocated through public auction and is part of a program managed by the Croatian government and HROTE itself. Ultimately, it has been approved by the European Commission in order to accelerate the implementation of renewable energies and contribute to the European decarbonisation objectives.

Based on what the Spanish energy company has announced, in total the Opor and Boraja II projects will entail an investment of close to 100 million euros. The investment will benefit the wind turbine manufacturer Nordex, who will be responsible for the 16 windmills that in total will add the two parks. Each of the wind turbines will have a power of 4.5 MW and together they will generate a total of 203 GWh of clean electricity per yearwhich is equivalent to the demand of some 60,000 households.

It is expected that after the start of the activity in both parks, whose date is scheduled by 2024, these two wind farms will be able to avoid the emission of about 135,000 tons of CO2 per year. In addition, they will form part of ACCIONA Energy’s Social Impact Management program.

Opor and Boraja II will be built in the regions of Split-Dalmatia and Šibenik-Knin, both located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, with a distance of about 80 kilometers between the two chosen locations. These two projects, as Acciona has announced, are added to the Jelinak wind farm (30 MW), also in Split-Dalmatia, whose activity has been managed by the Spanish company since 2013. With the confirmation of these two wind farms, Acciona Energy continues with geographical diversification and continues to advance in its growth plans, which aim to reach 20 GW of installed power in 2025.

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