The Sono Sion presents its new design before starting production

The dream of Sono Motors started just six years ago. Since its birth, the German startup has wanted to bet on a different and unique technology to take electric mobility further. Throughout these years we have been getting to know a little more about his first project. The Sono Sion will be the first production car offered to the market and now, finally, we have been able to see it with its final appearance. You have to admit it’s much better.

Until now, the times we have seen the Sion have been with many preliminary elements, such as the headlights or the interior. Sono has just presented what will be the final production version. An electric vehicle that has grown since the first time we saw it, but whose design has been gaining presence and getting closer and closer to that first prototype presented five years ago by its founders: Laurin Hahn and Jona Christians.

465 solar cells distributed throughout the bodywork will offer an extra 16 kilometers a day

The interior has finally been unveiled in its final appearance, sporting a very modern and minimalist look. The absence of physical buttons on the front stands out. Two screens take center stage in the interior, one fulfilling the functions of digital instrumentation and the other performing the usual services of the infotainment system. A team that we know little about at the moment, but that will allow us to control all the functions of the car through a touch panel.

Despite its shapes, similar to those of a compact minivan, the Sono Sion will offer a cabin for a maximum of five passengers spread over two rows of seats. Beneath them is a lithium iron phosphate battery with a capacity of 54 kWh that should provide a range of approximately 305 kilometers in the WLTP homologation cycle. To that battery will be added the elements that have made the Sion so special; solar panels with a very special operating technology.

With a total of 456 so-called half cells integrated throughout the car’s body, the sun will allow the Sion’s autonomy to be extended while driving. Calculations estimate that the solar panels will allow extend the autonomy more than 110 kilometers a week, about 16 kilometers a day and more than 5,000 kilometers a year. A considerable figure that will allow users to spend less time connected to a charging socket.

The interior of the Sion shows a clean and digital look

And speaking of charging, Sono Motors has equipped its first model with high-power power systems that will allow to breathe life into the battery at a maximum rate of 75 kW in direct current and up to 11 kW in alternating current with a bidirectional charging system on board. We are talking about the fact that when the Sion arrives on the market, it will position itself as one of the most efficient electric cars on the market. In the words of one of its founders: “solar cells greatly reduce operating costs, customers will have to charge the Sion four times less than comparable electric ones”.

However, as attractive as that advantage is, one of the factors that promises to make the Sono Sion a successful car is its affordable selling price. According to estimates, prices should range between 25,125 and 28,899 euros, gross amounts for the German market. The schedule indicates that the Sion will start its production phase in the second half of next year at the Valmet Automotive facilities in Finland. To date, some 15,000 reservations had been registered, although it remains to be seen how many of them end up materializing.

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