The series production of the Electric Microlino is about to start

After two videos that raised doubts in part of the public, Micro Mobility AG, the company that created this peculiar electric car, has shown the factory and the entire production line where the pre-series units of its small Microlino are already manufactured.

As previously specified by the Swiss company, the factory where the production line is located is located in the city of Turin, in Italy, and has dimensions of 3,000 square meters. In order to be efficient and thus leave the smallest possible carbon footprint, the entire roof of the factory is covered with solar panels that allow the company to depend less on the public electrical infrastructure.

Based on what Micro Mobility AG has revealed, at the moment the factory already employs about a hundred people, and the production line will be able to output a Microlino every 20 minutes when it is working at cruising speed. The company proudly announces that more than 80% of the pieces with which the Microlino is manufactured have European origin.

Currently the company is immersed in producing the Microlino pre-series unitswhich will be the ones that the company uses to send to its points of sale for tests and demonstrations with clients.

In the company’s own video showing the production line, Micro Mobility AG comments: “Microlino’s assembly line in Turin, Italy, is now operational and we are building the last pre-series vehicles before starting production of vehicles of the first series. The Microlino is manufactured in Italy with more than 80% of its parts coming from European countries.”

If Micro Mobility AG maintains the technical specifications that they announced in the first instance, the electric Microlino will hit the streets with an electric motor of 12.5 kW (16.8 hp) that together with a torque of 100 Nm will take it to the 90 km/h top speed.

There will be three versions available, and depending on the one chosen, the battery capacity will vary. They will be called Urban, Dolce and Competizione, and will be equipped with 6, 10.5 and 14 kWh batteries, with which they will achieve, respectively, 95, 175 and 230 kilometers of autonomy.

The price of the electric Microlino is €12,500and it was expected that the first customers would have their particular unit in their hands during the month of April, although seeing the performance of the factory in Turin, deliveries should not take much longer.

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