The secret of Rayvolt electric bicycles, exclusive design and proprietary technology

Rayvolt is a Spanish company based in Barcelona whose electric bicycles are an unmistakable product among the competition. Its marked design and its technology seek to guarantee that its clients receive performance and experience unmatched in the industry. After two years of pause after the Covid-19 pandemic, Rayvolt has shown its latest developmentshas shared the secrets of his technology and has displayed their strategies for future markets, such as that of its possible electric motorcycles or that of its second eXXite brand that is looking for a different client from the parent firm.

The Rayvolt Cruzer It is a cruiser-type electric bicycle, with wide tires that give it great stability and allow it to absorb all vibrations. It presents in its design typical details of motorcycles, in which the brand’s brass seal is not missing. In it you can appreciate the spirit behind the brand.

Its intention to become a long-distance e-bike makes it big and heavy, which is why Rayvolt offers it with a version with a shorter wheelbase that shorter riders will find more comfortable to ride, although both feature very similar design and styling cues.

Another model from its new catalog is the Ambassador, with somewhat more moderate features in its design and somewhat less weight. It is therefore a lighter bike designed for urban cyclists who want to maintain the classic appearance of the firm. Narrow tubes and wide tires give it an urban and elegant look while preserving details such as the Catalan leather or the aforementioned shiny brass surfaces on the bike’s fairings.

Electric bicycles Rayvolt-interior1
Rayvolt Ambassador electric bike.

the electric bike Ringo offers a more moped-like design, while the Beaching it is more traditional without moving away from the aesthetics of the brand. But Rayvolt offers much more. Turin It is an electric bike sister to the Cruzer, but with a shorter wheelbase and which replaces its wide tires with slightly more balanced ones, two inches wide, which allow a more agile pedaling around the city.

The clubmen It offers a very sophisticated design inspired by motorcycles with white wall tires and a vintage look. Completely changing the format, the Trixie it is a front-loading electric trike with space to transport several children in the front, while maintaining the design cues that make it unmistakable in the crowd.

Electric bicycles Rayvolt-interior4
Rayvolt Ringo electric bike.

Rayvolt has also dared to raise the bar and design a full electric cruiser motorcycle. With multiple prototypes already developed of medium size and weight, not an iota of the design features that characterize it are lost in them. One of the prototypes is a large motorcycle that has four huge batteries under the frame that can offer a capacity of 27 kWh of capacity, which should translate into considerable autonomy for long trips. Without going any further, it would offer more capacity than the largest battery of the Italian Energica and twice that of the American Zero.

Electric bicycles Rayvolt-interior3
Rayvolt electric motorcycle.

The technology that drives the design of Rayvolt electric bicycles

To the spectacular design of the Catalan brand technology accompanies you, developed internally by the company to offer the highest possible efficiency and reliability. Rayvolt doesn’t buy the drivetrain parts from anyone but designs its own drivers, hardware and software to keep everything running as smoothly as possible.

The electric motors get a custom design and sine wave drivers extract from them the best performance with the highest efficiency and the lowest possible noise. A combination of sensorsfrom the torque ones in the pedal assist system to the heat ones that are placed inside the motor, give the driver access to real-time data on the bike’s key systems.

Electric bicycles Rayvolt-interior5
Rayvolt RegenFit technology.

Thanks to these developments, Rayvolt can offer new technologies like the ability to modulate the regenerative braking power of the motor simply by pedaling backwards more or less rapidly. This characteristic is key to the development of the RegenFit program of the company. Rayvolt says that his electric bikes have a double use. RegenFit technology allows you to change the mode via APP to put it into Smart Trainer function. Once the cyclist has completed his daily commute, he can convert them into a stationary electric bike for training at home just by putting it on a stationary trainer. Thanks to the dual function of the motor-generator, to the Hall effect sensors, which measure the generated magnetic fields, and to the cadence and torque sensors, the battery recharges while pedaling.

The EIVA 2.0 application, also designed in-house by the company and which interfaces with bike software, has recently been updated to give riders more control. The open source app is based on Android and can be installed directly on bike displays. This means that their owners can install any Android application on them, such as Google Maps or any other tool that helps navigation or extract the full potential of bicycles.

eXXite, a second brand looking for other clients

The technology behind Rayvolt bicycles has led the manufacturer to create the second brand, eXXitewith which it markets simpler and more modern models in terms of design but equipped with the same technologies as its older sisters.

It is a brand that was introduced in 2019, but suffered from supply chain disruptions related to the pandemic, which turned into delays in the presentations of its models and cancellation of some announcements, due to the lack of such fundamental components. such as brake levers or hairpins, essential for your designs.

Electric bicycles Rayvolt-interior2
Rayvolt electric scooter.

The eXXite line has expanded to more models, including a traditional looking electric bike for the city or an electric scooter that could have a seat added to the rear turning it into a very Vespa looking moped.

All eXXite models have Rayvolt technology and the EIVA 2.0 application with the advantages mentioned above. Sharing the same technology base while also expanding into different markets seems like a smart move, as it makes it easier to co-develop new technologies and features that can equally benefit very different customers.

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