The second quarter chokes Tesla with a slight drop in sales

The world market situation is what it is. After chaining months and quarters upwards, Tesla has suffered a small setback during the second quarter of the year. The figures are still very positive, but not as positive as expected. The goal of one million cars manufactured in a year is still there, but the margin is narrowing in the face of possible problems that may arise during the second six months of the year. This problem must be faced by all manufacturers, including Tesla.

It must be recognized that Tesla came in a really splendid progression considering the difficulties that the international market has had to face since the 2020 pandemic. In these years, most manufacturers have drastically reduced the volume of production and deliveries , but Tesla, which has managed to get rid of the problems very well, has been presenting good results quarter after quarterapparently immune to the lack of supplies or the crisis of raw materials.

But in the end, as much as it has run, the market has ended up catching up with Tesla. In the quarterly report presented on July 1, those from Austin announced a production of 258,580 vehicles worldwide. 242,169 of them come from the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y ranges, while just 16,411 units focus on the Model S and Model X. As for deliveries, up to 254,695 units registered all over the world. Once again, the Model 3/Model Y range is the most successful of the family with 238,533 vehicles delivered.

The Tesla Model 3 and the Model Y have once again been the best sellers of the house

The figures are good, but if we see the progression, the spirits are partially deflated. Last year, on these same dates, a total of 206,421 units were produced and 201,250 units delivered. A year marked by global de-escalation and lack of supplies. Positive growth, but not so much if we look at the results of the previous quarters where Tesla could take advantage of growing more than any other brand.

Without going any further, in the first quarter of the year, the data showed a total of 305,407 units produced, and 310,048 units delivered. A fall of 15.33% that once again is mainly caused by the problems arising from the strict confinement of China. For several weeks, the largest Tesla plant, the Shanghai Gigafactory, has been closed for health reasons. After a slow and hesitant restart in production, the quarterly figures have ended up noticing it.

The increase in vehicle prices will not have helped either. It is increasingly difficult to stock up at a competitive price, and that is why brands are raising the price of their cars. In recent months, Tesla has increased the price of its Models, which may have scared away a small part of its clientele.. At the stock market level, Tesla lost a small part of its value, falling from $688.68 per share to $671.66 as soon as the earnings report was released. Today it has almost recovered the value.

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