The replacement for the Lamborghini Huracán will have an innovative hybrid system

Lamborghini will remove the current V10 block from the Lamborghini Huracán range once it is generationally renewed. From the company’s board they have already admitted on some occasions that the brand’s range will be made up of mostly electrified vehicles, and with a 100% electric model that will arrive in 2025. However, Lamborghini seeks to innovate in the conception of hybrid mechanics of its models and promises a total break with the arrival of the new Huracán.

To this day, all the rumors suggest that the generational replacement for the Lamborghini Huracán will take on a plug-in hybrid mechanics together with a smaller engine block than the current V10. However, it is known that the model will use hybridization, with the question of whether it will be a plug-in hybrid or not. Now, from the Motortrend media they point out that the use they will make of said electrification will be innovative.

According to what they affirm from the aforementioned medium, the new Lamborghini Huracán will carry a twin-turbocharged V8 block and an electrical system as support. Its operation will help the thermal engine to reach up to 7,000 revolutions and provide a “kick” of performance similar to that of an electric car during this first range of revolutions. Once this figure is passed, the electrical system will be disconnected and the turbochargers will come into play to finally reach the 10,000 revolutions regime.

lamborghini huracan
The length of the model is expected to be greater than that of the current one to equip the electrical system

This electrical system will help to achieve much more generous and higher specifications than the current V10 block model, it would reduce the carbon emissions emitted during acceleration in the first section of revolutions, it would reduce the “intake” of gasoline by the V8 block and it would give the feeling of driving a naturally aspirated engine model due to its continuous rev range and consequent thrust. The electrical system would be signed by an axial flow motor and an automatic fast-charging battery. This assembly would be located between the engine and the gearbox, thus acting as an electric supercharger.

This would not be the first time that Lamborghini has innovated in the launch of a hybrid system, since the Lamborghini Sian used a supercapacitor instead of a battery to store its energy.

According to the published report, the new V8 engine and its convenient electrical system would require a significant economic investment that would be obtained through saving on the replacement of the model platform, since it would be simply updated and not completely replaced. However, the future generational renewal of the Huracán will be focused on maintaining high agility and dynamism on the track (and off it), as well as a low weight level.

Of course, from Lamborghini they aspire to continue presenting hybrid and electric models in the future under a “spaceship” aesthetic, and with noticeably improved specs to what they present today in their supercars.

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