The Renault Austral starts its production phase at the Palencia plant

After the disappearance of the Renault Kadjar, the French had left a very important gap in the C-SUV segment, the most important by sales volume in the old continent. The Austral is its natural substitute, but unlike it, it comes into the world with electrified mechanics. Officially presented at the beginning of last March, it was not until this week when the Renault Austral has officially started its production stage in the factory that the French brand has in the city of Palencia. From there it will be exported to multiple markets with a strong Spanish stamp.

Renault has made Spain one of its most important production centers in Europe. The production of models such as the Austral or the Renault Captur are only part of what the French group manufactures in our territory. In a second factory in Seville, Renault carries out the production of components as important as the gearbox used by the Austral and other hybrid models, in addition to the reduction gear of the new electric Renault Mégane E-TECH. A manufacturing strategy that guarantees the operation of the plants for many years.

The Austral has a very important role to play at Renault. Reaching a new C-SUV segment is knocking on the door of the highest sales category in Europe. The Kadjar said goodbye without leaving a mark on the markets, although sales were not bad, but the Renault Austral has everything to overcome it. Its design according to the latest Renault aesthetic philosophy, more technology, better habitability and also a more efficient and sustainable range of engines.

In Palencia the assembly of many components manufactured in Spain is carried out

The Kadjar E-TECH employs a conventional hybrid mechanical strategy. Supported on the CMF-CD platform of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, it is the same architecture that we can see in other models such as the Nissan Qashqai. With the entire range of engines electrified to a greater or lesser extent, the E-TECH hybrids will be at the forefront in savings and low consumption. With powers of 160 and 200 horses they enjoy the ECO label of the DGTwhich allows them to move freely through the increasingly common low-emission zones.

The hybrid set stands out for the presence of a turbocharged gasoline engine with three cylinders and 1.2 liters displacement. Next to it we find two synchronous electric motors that are fed by a 1.7 kWh capacity lithium-ion battery made by LG Chem. One of these motors is responsible for moving the front wheels, while the second performs various operations such as synchronizing the combustion engine when necessary, starting the thermal engine or recharging the battery using the energy generated by the main block.

At the moment Renault has not communicated the sale prices of the new Austral, although it has opened the reservation period. Although production has just started, the French C-SUV will still take a couple of months to be available to customers. We estimate that its starting price will be around 35,000 euros for the hybrid versions, which will arrive at the same time as the rest of the range..

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