The RACC launches a free online course for users of electric scooters

Since last January 2, 2021, VMP-type vehicles (personal mobility vehicle) have been considered “vehicles” for legal purposes. For this reason, from the RACC they have thought it opportune to launch a new and particular online course for anyone interested in knowing the municipal rules and ordinances that move around these particular personal displacement tools in urban environments and under electrical mechanics.

An enormous number of these electric personal vehicles can be seen daily in our cities. Brands like Xiaomi put their use on the agenda a few years ago, and over time they have become remarkably popular. However, and despite its enormous reception, many are the citizens and the users themselves who are completely unaware of the employment, use and current regulations in this regard, which is why the RACC has launched this aforementioned course consisting of five main sections, as well as a final questionnaire to check if all the relevant concepts have been assimilated.

In these five well-differentiated chapters, emphasis is placed on the following sections: how to protect yourself, where to drive, rules of coexistence, road safety rules and tips and reminders. Each of them is explained in a clear and very visual way through explanatory videos inserted in each of these sections, which are accompanied by short texts in which certain main parameters are highlighted. Once the user who has decided to do this course and has made a notion of the aforementioned sections, they will be able to reach the sixth and last section in which a questionnaire will be carried out that will consist of several questions with multiple choice answers.

According to the RACC and its latest study carried out in Barcelona with users of these VMPs, it was made known that these drivers, in most cases, did not even know half of the basic traffic regulations. This set off all the alarms, especially if we take into account the increasingly high accident rate due to negligence due to the improper use of these electric scooters. This was the main reason for making the online course public.

The same study mentioned also refers to the fact that 83% of users would have joined daily traffic by using these electric vehicles during the Covid-19 pandemicsince this health event meant a change in the general trend in the public who previously used public transport assiduously or, on the other hand, used the traditional bicycle more.

This course is free for all users and it is possible to repeat the exam and the notions that are taught there as many times as necessary. The final test will give the user a pass as long as he is able to get 80% of the questions asked right. The course can be accessed freely through this link.

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