The price of electric cars remains the main problem for buyers

Electric cars need better dissemination and more effective communication so that more potential buyers know that this type of vehicle can really meet their needs. This is indicated by a recent report, which based on a survey of more than 38,000 drivers put in context with business data from the past 2021states that many drivers do not know that an electric car is fully capable of satisfying them, in many cases falling within their purchase budget.

The report, which is the first produced by Autovia Insights Quarterly (hereinafter aiQ) of those that will be launched on a quarterly basis, takes the British market as a base, and shows that a large part of the public is still reluctant to make the leap to electric mobility despite the fact that there is an increasing supply of new electric cars that have a range much higher than what each customer needs on a daily basis.

During 2021, according to the report, the average buyer of an electric car has been a male, middle-aged and elderly with high purchasing power. This shows that it is easier for those with a greater economic margin in their purchase to be able to try an electric car, since they feel that they are taking less risk when buying an electric car than another buyer for whom the acquisition of a new car is more decisive.

In this sense, the survey shows that the price continues to be the main obstacle for the electric car, with 64% of the people surveyed claiming that the cost of acquiring an electric is the main problem for their purchasewhile 25% show some kind of emotional connection with thermals as the main excuse for not taking the leap.

The aiQ report also shows the advantage that some manufacturers enjoy at brand level, having earned a positive reputation in some sense in these early stages of the transition to electric cars.

aiQ gives the example of Toyota, which has become synonymous with hybrid technology through first the Prius and then a whole range of hybrid cars, while it is currently the brand with the greatest advantage in terms of ownership percentage, since 18.1% of the drivers surveyed who own an electric car declare that it is a Tesla. The American firm is followed nissanwith 15.94%, BMW with 13.85%, Kia with 12.25% and closing the ‘top 5’, Renaultwith 6.79%.

Kia EV6
According to aiQ, KIA is a brand with great disruptive potential in the adoption of the electric car.

The report suggests, however, that Tesla is potentially going to lose some of its advantage as the rest of the manufacturers increase their range of models, not only because of a more accessible offer in economic terms, but presumably because of the greater confidence generated by a traditional firm than a young company as is Musk’s signature. aiQ directly cites Hyundai and KIA as one of the potentially most disruptive for the coming years.

Another determining fact is the percentage of drivers who own an electric car who will not consider buying a thermal again, no less than 90%, which far exceeds 52% of petrol car owners who will still not consider an electric car on your next purchase.

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