The presentation date of the BMW XM, the plug-in hybrid SUV from M, is filtered

BMW has not yet given an exact date for the official presentation of its new high-performance plug-in hybrid SUV; however, from the specialized media BMW Blog they have. The BMW XM is one of the most anticipated models, since it will be a car specifically designed and developed by the sportiest division of the brand. It is intuited that its design and specifications will live up to expectations.

Last November 2021, BMW showed the world a concept model that advanced the design lines of its new high-performance plug-in hybrid SUV. At first glimpse, this showed very angular, square and, above all, muscular lines. On its front shone some “kidneys” of enormous size and the rest of its physiognomy was also in accordance.

However, just a few days ago, the final design that the retail model will have was leaked, where retain the main distinguishing featuresalthough its aesthetics will be softer than the one shown a year ago by the Bavarian firm.

Likewise, many have been those who have wondered about the official presentation date of the model, since the brand seems to have it ready for its worldwide unveiling for weeks. Despite this, the company has not yet given a specific date. However, they have done it from BMW Blog and they draw in red next September 27 as the one chosen by the company, according to internal sources that have not been disclosed.

The BMW XM seems ready for its debut for a few weeks

From the aforementioned medium, where they have already had access to a first contact with the duly camouflaged vehicle, they affirm that this it is “one or two centimeters” shorter than the current BMW X7 three rows of seats; however, it is noticeably heavier than the brand’s benchmark SUV so far. A few months ago we learned that the production BMW XM will go down in history with the seal of the heaviest model, as it will stop the scale at almost 3,000 kilos.

Much of the blame for this figure lies with its developed plug-in hybrid system, which will increase the final power of the product in two ways: one input with 650 hp and a more powerful one with up to 750 hp. Its electrical scheme will go hand in hand with a V8 TwinTurbo engine block with a displacement of 4.4 liters that will produce around 500 CV. The remaining power will come through the aforementioned electrical system.

About the sale price, nothing is known yet, but Rumors point to a start of 180,000 euros for the German market, which puts it squarely in the category of the most capable sports SUVs on the market today. In just a few days all the secrets of the vehicle will be revealed.

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