The Polestar O2 could reach production, although things are not very clear

Polestar, hand in hand with the almighty Geely Group, continues to advance in its strategy of making itself known to the general public. It is of little use that your cars are excellent if people do not know you. With that spirit of opening up to the world, the Swedes have presented the Polestar O2, a futuristic prototype that has been created to give the company an image, so that people admire it when it appears in the media or so that children can cover their folders with their photos (if that is still the case). It is a world showcase that deserves to reach production, although it is not entirely clear.

In a short time Polestar has begun to be noticed in the markets. Sales continue to grow gradually month after month and more and more people seem interested in its first, and currently, only model for sale, the Polestar 2. However, however good the future may be, it is impossible to stop for a breath. The race to reach a position of privilege must be covered with something more than a good electric car. That’s what teasers, previews, leaks and prototypes are for.

Beautiful front view of the Polestar O2

Tesla has shown that there is no bad publicity. That they talk about one is good, and if it is in the terms in which we usually refer to Polestar, the better. Every day we talk more about a company that wants to conquer the electric segment based on well-presented cars at an attractive price. The Polestar 2 has been the first and will be, a priori, the most popular of the family. In a few months the Polestar 3 will hit the market, with a more SUV format, and more units will arrive in the future.

The Polestar 5 has been hogging much of the attention in recent weeks. The high-performance electric sedan has already announced some truly scandalous performance figures. Its official debut, still as a car in development, was at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Swedes came to the party with an impressive display where, of course, the O2 was presentwhich drew the gazes of thousands of attendees to Lord March’s Hill.

Its retractable hard top leaves a futuristic and minimalist interior open to the air.

With its hybrid hardtop coupe and convertible bodywork, the 02 Polestar is made to be admired. Many people want it to reach dealerships, but in the brand’s own words: “It’s not that easy”. Not much less is it, and even less so in the situation in which we find ourselves. The market is increasingly competitive in supply and prices. Suppliers raise prices, brands compensate for this increase and in the end it is the customer who has to pay more for his electric car.

Everyone expects a drop in sales in the coming months, and in the face of this possible recession in the markets, manufacturers analyze every step to take very well. The Polestar 3 and 5 are in development, and the Polestar 4 will soon start showing up in the same state. The O2 is not a priority for Polestar as its sales would be very low, but of course they want to make it. That would mean that they have the economic and productive potential to create a low volume car, that would mean that Polestar would do very well. We will see.

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