The peculiar electric Vässla Bike arrives in Spain: scooter, bike and moped at the same time

Created and designed in Sweden, with the aesthetics of an urban bicycle (although without pedals) and with a concept that aims to fill the gap between mopeds and scooters, the peculiar Vassla Bikea model that is already marketed in our country through two subscription packages instead of the usual direct sales model.

In Spain, as announced on the Vässla website, the Vässla Bike will be available through two different plans, Pro and Flexwhich with different minimum stays start with monthly installments of 79 or 128 euros.

Beyond the subscription fee through which you access the Vässla Bike, there are two different versions that aim to satisfy, on the one hand, private customers (Vässla Club) and, on the other, professional customers focused on delivery (Vässla Delivery ), on which different baskets can be fitted to transport packages.

Vassla Bike.

Regarding its propulsion scheme, the Vässla Bike has a hub-type electric motor in the rear wheel that performs 250W of nominal power, and that according to the brand, enjoys three different programs that act as gear ratios.

The drive is powered by a battery with cells manufactured by Samsung of 3.5 kilos of weight that is located in the tube in the tube that supports the saddle. With a full charge of it, for which a total of three and a half hours will be needed, while Vässla promises a total autonomy of 40 kilometers.

One of the main advantages that the Vässla Bike enjoys over electric scooters, in addition to the saddle itself, is its dampingsince it uses a spring on the rear axle to offer a more comfortable ride.

Vassla Bike
Vassla Bike.

Since it has been designed according to Swedish regulations, more permissive than ours, the benefits of the Vässla Bike are not far from those of an electric scooter (its maximum speed is 25 kilometers per hour, for example). However, given that it equips a saddle together with a throttle grip, the regulations classify it directly as a moped, so its registration is mandatory for its circulation, in addition to enjoying the mandatory civil liability insurance.

Currently the electric Vässla Bike is already available in several cities in Spain. TFM Bikes will be available in Malaga), while in Seville and Madrid through other distributors.

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