The offer of car brands in Spain increases due to the rise of the electric car

The number of brands that sell vehicles in the Spanish market has grown by 20% in the last five years, increasing the range of possibilities for drivers from fifty brands available in 2017 to 60 in 2022, according to Sumauto.

In total, there are 13 brands that did not market any model in Spain five years ago, of which 80% come from Asia, seven out of ten are pure electric and 85% include electrified versions, according to data from the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Automobiles and Trucks (Anfac).

Likewise, based on Sumauto’s forecasts, a 29% growth in registrations of new firms is estimated this year with a wide range of electric vehicles, reaching 30,000 units sold, and reaching 40,000 units in 2023, such as Maxus, Polestar, Zhidou or Aiways.

In addition, some of the brands that sell the most electric vehicles in the world are expected to arrive in Spain, such as the Asian company BYD or the American Lucid Motor, at the same time that companies such as Apple, Xiaomi or Sony will enter the automotive market after their association with Honda.

This deployment of new brands is due to the fact that the cost of developing the electric car is simpler than a combustion one, together with the rapid decrease in the cost of batteries, which allows profitable production of new vehicles. Also the ban by Brussels on selling combustion cars from 2035 places this great electrical landing at the right time.

According to the general director of Sumauto, Nicolás Cantaert, the arrival of the electric car has led to the emergence of new manufacturers “at a turning point for mobility, due to economic restrictions and uncertainties”.

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