The Nissan X-Trail 2023 and its hybrid version e-POWER already have a presentation date in Europe

In recent years life at Nissan has been somewhat unstable. The Japanese company has been for decades one of the great dominators of the European industry. Products like the Juke or the Qashqai have conquered millions of drivers, kicking off the famous era of SUVs. The X-Trail has always been the third prong of that trident. A large SUV that attracted the public thanks to its great value for money. A new generation is coming soon The Nissan X-Trail 2023 already has a release date, and it’s sooner than you expect.

The X-Trail has a lot of history behind it. At the beginning of the century, Nissan launched an SUV offensive that would change everything. With the Nissan Qashqai as the spearhead, products such as the Juke and the X-Trail positioned themselves as squires while accumulating large sales figures. In 2013 the third and current generation arrived on the market, which underwent a major facelift in 2017. Since then nothing has changed in the largest SUV in the house.

It was time for a change. Nissan has let a long time pass since its update, and this has ended up affecting sales. Nor has the renewal and launch of rival products such as the KIA Sorento or the SEAT Tarraco helped. However, Nissan wants to make up for lost time by relaunching in style the Nissan X-Trail, although it has been circulating for some time in other countries such as the United States, where it is marketed under the name of Nissan Rogue. Europe will have a specific but very similar version.

Save the date: the new X-Trail will be presented on September 6

The new Qashqai has opened the pot of electrified essences. The 2023 X-Trail will offer a wide mechanical electrical offer, from MHEV solutions to hybrid units with e-POWER technology. With an estimated power of 190 horsepower, the hybrid X-Trail will have a gasoline engine that will act as a current generator that will in turn feed a battery and this will feed a front electric motor that will be in charge of moving the wheels. Its electric autonomy will not be very generous, but thanks to this scheme it will be able to reduce approved consumption.

In addition to its new mechanics, the 2023 Nissan X-Trail will offer new aesthetics, replicating the Qashqai’s design philosophy, and more equipment with a more refined approach. The technological load will offer state-of-the-art systems such as level 2 driving assistants and multiple on-board comforts. The habitability will be another of its strong points, offering generous space for a maximum of seven passengers, two of them installed in a retractable third row of seats on the boot floor.

The official presentation date is next September 6. Through a digital presentation, the Japanese will offer all the information related to the fourth generation of their successful Nissan X-Trail. The arrival at the dealers will not take place until the end of the same course, or the beginning of the next one. The price is unknown at the moment, although figures close to 45,000 euros can be expected for models with hybrid mechanics and an ECO label.

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