The Nissan Juke Hybrid is now available in Spain: this is its price

The Nissan Juke is an institution in the world of urban SUVs. In its first generation it achieved a success that all its rivals have tried to match ever since. Nissan’s slowness in renewing one of its flagship products, added to the launch of dozens of rivals, has caused the Juke to no longer have as much impact as before. The Japanese want to correct this mistake by presenting new and efficient versions such as the Nissan JukeHybrid. It is already available in Spain and these are its sale prices.

The second of the Juke generations was presented in 2019 only with low-displacement gasoline engines. Thanks to the alliance between Renault and Nissan, the Juke now receives a conventional hybrid format extracted directly from the Renault Captur. Except for the mechanics, few are the changes received by the B-SUV. Outwardly there are hardly any novelties, more fairing grille, mirrors, rear spoiler and wheels between 17 and 19 inches inherited directly from his older brother, the Nissan Ariya.

Driving position of the Nissan Juke Hybrid

Inside the doors there are also new features such as the sports steering wheel with its flattened bottom. The presence of a digital instrument panel with indicators modified for the hybrid version stands out. and the introduction of Alcantara in panels such as the dashboard or the doors. The rest does not change, showing the same multimedia system with an 8-inch touch screen and a complete connectivity kit.

The most important novelty is the introduction of the low-consumption hybrid scheme that receives the advantageous ECO label from the DGT. Under the hood is installed an atmospheric gasoline block with four cylinders and 1.6 liters of displacement that offers a power of 94 horses. To it is added an electric propeller and a small battery with 1.2 kWh of gross capacity. A starter generator allows the car to always start in electric mode, being able to circulate in a similar way up to a maximum of 55 km/h.

The power of the hybrid system reaches 143 horses

The maximum power of the system is 143 horsepower. All power goes to the front axle via a four-speed automatic transmission. Officially the Juke Hybrid announces a combined consumption of 5.1 liters per 100 kilometers. Thanks to its various driving modes: Eco, Normal and Sport, the car’s response varies depending on the driver’s needs. Like the Nissan LEAF, it features an e-Pedal system that facilitates urban driving, improving battery life, which can reach 80% in urban routes.

When setting the price, Nissan has chosen to associate its hybrid Juke with the N-Connecta finish, providing it with extensive and generous equipment. The price of the Nissan Juke Hybrid is 31,350 euros, without offers or promotions. The first units will arrive at dealers throughout the month of August.

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