The next generation of the Porsche Cayenne will have a 100% electric variant

Porsche is working non-stop on the electrification of its model range, all the more so to reach the goal of presenting a complete range of vehicles with all-electric alternatives by the end of this decade. One of its fundamental pillars, the Porsche Cayenne, will also carry out its transformation towards a “zero emission” mechanics and It will do so together with its generational renewal, which will hit the market in 2025..

Currently, this model already has electrified variants using plug-in hybridization technology, something that the next generation would continue to present, which will also host a fully electric version.

The rumor about the arrival of a 100% electric variant of the Cayenne began to sound in April 2021, when Stefan Weckbach, former head of the Porsche Taycan project, took over the Cayenne. This was seen as an important indicator of the arrival of a future electric SUV, something that has ended up being confirmed in recent days.

It was on July 18, during the presentation of results for the first half of 2022, where some future launches were confirmed, such as that of the future electric SUV above the Cayenne, which will use the SSP platform, as well as the electric variant itself of the Cayenne. During the presentation, Michael Steiner, head of R&D at Porsche, revealed that is under development a Cayenne fueled by a set of batteries and that it will share the PPE platform with the next Electric Porsche Macan.

The electric Cayenne will share a PPE platform with the next electric Macan

In the first instance, the electric Porsche Cayenne would have a powertrain featuring a dual electric motor scheme; however, other models point to new possibilities. In a recent interview with Frank Walliser in the middle Road&Trackthe person in charge of the engines of the Porsche 911 and Porsche 718 stated that they currently have different designs and possibilities compared to the engines that will finally be installed in future electric cars. “We could have one, two, three or four electric motors in a car”, he stated, although during his speech he was referring directly to the two sports models mentioned above; However, all the rumors suggest that this possibility could also be carried out on the SUVs of the German firm.

The PPE platform is mostly developed by Audi, although it will also be used by Porsche in some of its models, including the two electric variants of the SUVs that will arrive soon (Macan and Cayenne). This will allow the adoption of a architecture up to 800 volts and fast charges up to 270 kW. As standard, it will host an electric motor located on the rear axle and, alternatively, it will introduce a second motor on the front axle to make a model with all-wheel drive. Among other key points of this platform will be the torque vectoring, four-wheel steering, air suspension system and a low center of gravity.

To date, the data regarding the future electric Porsche Cayenne is limited to this confirmation of the use of the platform, however, in the coming months new news will arrive in this regard. The first data speak of an official presentation of the model dated for the end of 2024with the intention of a commercial start in the year 2025. One of the main rivals of the German model will be the new Lotus Eletre, which will begin sales in 2023.

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