The next generation of the Audi S3 and Audi RS 3 will be fully electric

The fifth generation of the Audi A3 will be fully electric. The Ingolstadt House Compact It will arrive in 2027, abandoning its gasoline or diesel thermal mechanics to focus on such a way that it will present a whole catalog of battery options, as well as different numbers of electric motors to provide the model with greater or lesser autonomy.

As scheduled in the Audi roadmap, the next A3 will hit the market in 2027, a year after the firm has stopped developing vehicles with thermal mechanics, since Markus Duesmann himself, CEO of the brand, specified that all new models launched from 2026 would be electric.

The first signs point to a new Audi A3 e-tron that would be based on the SSP platform (Scalable Systems Platform) which will debut the future commercial model of the Volkswagen ID.Aero. This will give the compact model the possibility of being presented, as it already happens, in a five-door hatchback variant, as well as an alternative in the form of a four-door compact saloon. Both variants would increase their dimensions, although with notable changes, since the aforementioned platform would provide a model with shorter overhangs, a reduced hood line and a more spacious cabin.

In the mechanical variants of access to the range, the Audi A3 will introduce novelties such as the possibility of choosing between front or total traction through the introduction of one or two electric blocks. The catalog will continue to have the sportiest variants, the Audi S3 and Audi RS 3, which will always feature permanent all-wheel drive and improved specifications compared to current models. In other words, the pinnacle of sportsmanship will be able to run from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3.8 seconds (which is how long it takes for the current gasoline variant to stop the stopwatch), as well as presenting a power above of the 450 hp.

Audi a3 e-tron electric fifth generation
The current generation already has a plug-in hybrid variant.

However, the new electric generation of the Audi A3 will not come alone, since they are also developing the respective generational substitutes, both of the Audi A4 like the Audi A6, in which electrification will take a leading role in the catalog of mechanical options.

Audi has already begun to equip its range with fully electric models, such as the Audi e-tron GT, while in the coming years it will do the same, definitively replacing traditional mechanical variants with 100% electric options on key models. The shift towards full electrification is gradually developing through the introduction of electric variants with PPE platform in current models. Once these are generationally renewed, they will host the new SSP base and its corresponding pure electrification.

This SSP platform is designed to support 800 volt architecture, which will allow reaching recharging powers of up to 270 kW. Additionally, it will be adapted to accept solid-state batteries, although the next generation of the Audi A3 is not expected to make use of this advance, at least in its first vital section.

Finally, the first rumors testify that Audi will produce the new electric generation of the A3 as a model of access to the range, since the Audi A1 will disappear from the catalog in the coming years with no substitute in sight. The signing of the four rings will cede this sector to other brands that are part of the Volkswagen Group, such as cupra either Skodawho are already preparing alternatives dedicated to urban use with a smaller size.

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