The new preview of the electric DeLorean allows us to recognize a very evocative element

John DeLorean’s dream has always been to create a different, unique and exceptional car. The history of the DeLorean Motor Company is one of the most evocative and sad chapters in the world of motoring. The rise and fall of an idol and a company that today tries to find a second life. DeLoren will come back to life, and we learn more and more about its new first productan electric car that will soon be unveiled and of which we see something more today.

Looking back, over the past few months we’ve repeatedly talked about the new DeLorean. The icon of the 80s, and the history that surrounds it, are unrepeatable, but the name will always be burned into memory and in the annals of the motoring world. Little or nothing will have to do with the new electric unit, although clear evocative details cannot be missing that will make us completely forget about the car that took Marty McFly to the past and the future.

In a new preview, the DeLorean reveals its rear deck. The original model hid its gasoline engine under a black cover with three stripes. Those same three horizontal stripes will be present on the 2022 model., although with electrical mechanics. This is reminiscent, as are the iconic gull doors that will also form part of the final design. In fact, the new DeLorean emblem corresponds to the image projected by the doors when they are opened.

Everyone is waiting for the day when the new DeLorean Motor Company unveils the return of an iconic car to the world., although it will have nothing to do with this. In the previous images that have been discovered, it is very clear that the intention is to break with the past, but keeping some details such as the doors or, in this case, the rear deck that will no longer hide the old and disastrous gasoline engine from the 80s. .

There are still a few months to clear up all the doubts and unknowns that remain to be resolved. The power, the battery and or the performance are fundamental aspects for a model that is called to colonize the covers of half the world. The first information has already come to light, such as the expected autonomy of more than 300 miles, about 500 kilometers of range. We also know that DMC wants to offer a more premium touch at a price to match that mentality.

The Villa d’Este Concours d’Elegance will be the incomparable setting for the presentation ceremony of the new DeLorean. On August 21, all the secrets and the multiple reminiscences of the past will be discovered. The doors, the roof and much more. A classic name in a modern frame with the latest technology on the market. John DeLorean’s dream that will see the light just 40 years after the first unit hit the ground.

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