The new Mercedes-AMG C 63 will be a plug-in hybrid and will have 670 hp

The generational renewal of Mercedes-AMG C 63 it will bring with it important changes; More than on the outside, these will have their greatest representation in the mechanical section. The model was exhibited during the last edition of the 24 Hours of Nürburgring to a group of guests invited by the star’s brand to said event. There, certain aspects were detailed that will house the next Mercedes plug-in saloon.

Historically, the Mercedes-AMG C 63 has housed an eight-cylinder engine block under its hood, something that will change radically in this new generation. The new model will have a four-cylinder in line, the same one that is already installed on the current Mercedes-AMG A 45 and in which it delivers up to 421 CV. This engine block will be properly adjusted and updated to increase said power up to 470 hpa figure that places it on its own merits as the most powerful series-production four-cylinder engine in the world.

But this updated mechanics of gasoline will not come alone, since will join an electric train that will have a power of 200 CV. Mercedes calls this dual engine configuration (thermal and electric) the “P1 powertrain”. Thanks to this combination, the Mercedes-AMG C 63 will reach a maximum power of 670 CVabout 160 hp above what its original rival promises, the BMW M3, which also does not have a mechanic under any type of electrification.

One of the clearest advantages that this new generation of the C 63 will present is that the total weight that the front axle will support will decrease significantly relative to the outgoing model. The new four-cylinder engine block has a tare weight of 160.5 kilos, which represents a weight saving of almost 50 kilos compared to the outgoing generation of the sports saloon. If in this equation we add the new electric train, the new generation of the C 63 will be even lighter than the previous one, which is a milestone in engineering since the increase in power and performance will be relevant. Additionally, the new C 63 will have a lower center of gravity, which will directly lead to improved dynamics.


The previous generation of the C 63 had a 4Matic all-wheel drive, something that we will see again in this new reinterpretation of the sports car. The electrical system will be able to distribute the torque delivered to each axis depending on the needs and the dynamic situation in which it finds itself. Among your options will be choosing if said distribution focuses on the rear axle, something that other AMGs have already released in past editions.

The four-cylinder engine block will also have an integrated starter motor through a 48-volt electrical system, something that many other models signed by AMG already boast of and that gives them the DGT ECO label. This system goes hand in hand with what is known as EQ Boost and which provides an additional power of 22 CV for specific moments of acceleration; However, from Mercedes they have stated that the new system will show an optimization and a punctual and momentary delivery of somewhat greater power. For its part, the gearbox of the new C 63 will be represented by a Torque converter MCT Speedshift with nine ratios.

With these changes, Mercedes will be able to boast of presenting a fully electrified range (to a greater or lesser extent) for the C-Class, since the rest of the variants have plug-in hybridization or micro-hybridization, so their average emissions have been reduced from remarkable shape. The new electrified generation of the Mercedes-AMG C 63 will hit the market at the end of this same 2022so that in the coming months all the specific details of the sports saloon will be revealed.

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