The new Honda CR-V 2023 shows its paw with its first official images

After spending a few years submerged in a kind of lethargy, Honda resumes the frenetic activity with successive launches. Next year, 2023, will be one of the busiest courses in the Tokyo offices. With the schedule full with the launch of three SUVs, we begin to see the first vestiges of what they will be like. The 2023 Honda CR-V is seen for the first time in official photosshowing the new aesthetic identity that the Japanese are looking for.

Last March, Honda announced plans for the coming years. In the short term, it has the objective of launching three SUVs, one fully electric, and two that will move with hybrid systems. The CR-V will be one of the latter. Which to date is the company’s largest and most luxurious SUV It will use a hybrid system similar to those we have recently seen in the Honda HR-V and Honda Civic e:HEV, which, by the way, will also be launched next year.

First images of the 2023 Honda CR-V, the brand’s largest hybrid SUV.

Although the announcement of his next arrival was made a couple of months ago, it has not been until now that he has been seen for the first time. At first glance, the next-generation Honda CR-V looks more muscular and handsome than its little brother. Marked lines, notable nerves and a lot of horizontal line to generate that feeling of width and power.. The presence of chrome elements that manage to provide that refined and elegant touch stands out.

It is curious that for the rear lighting Honda has opted for a vertical light format that is quite reminiscent of that of the Volvo XC60. The Japanese have not given much information about it, nor have they advanced anything about technical or technological aspects, although the CR-V is expected to offer the most advanced in-house systems and a higher-power mechanical system to that offered on the Honda Civic e:HEV.

Honda CR-V 2023.

Honda’s hybrid scheme stands out for its low consumption and the absence of a gearbox. With two electric motors and one thermal motor, the gasoline block acts mainly as a current generator, feeding a small battery that supplies energy to the electric motor, which is in charge of moving the car most of the time. The CR-V is expected to add another rear electric motor to generate an all-wheel drive system, although this remains to be confirmed.

To meet the new Honda CR-V we will not have to wait long. the japanese wait officially announce it this coming summer, although its commercial landing will not take place until next year. It will be then when it joins a growing fleet thanks to the presence of the new Honda ZR-V, which we have recently been able to meet through its first images.

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