The new B1 license will serve as a transition to the electric car in Spain

The entry into force of the new B1 permit for vehicles called L7e, mostly electric heavy quadricycles that can be driven by 16 and 17-year-olds, will facilitate the transition to electrified mobility in Spain.

In addition, these vehicles will also serve as a transition to the B2 permit, which allows driving cars of up to 3,500 kilograms, with no power limit and speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour, and also to electrified mobility.

The director of, Íñigo Breña, has pointed out that it will also serve to bring young people closer to renting, a modality for use and not for ownership.

“It fits their current needs and demands to consume and not own, although even for them the usual four-year leasing periods are excessively long,” he said.

The L7e vehicles are not microcars, but have features similar to a conventional one and their price can be around 15,000 euros. The renting offers short contracts of two or three years and a fee without entry of between 150 and 180 euros as its most feasible landing for the Spanish market.

In fact, with a reference price of 15,110 euros (10,900 with launch discounts, financing and help from the Moves III plan), the XEV Yoyo is now available in Spain, along with other models such as the Renault Twizy or the Citroën Ami, as well as to open the door to the arrival of new models such as the Microclino, Invicta D2S or the Silence 04.

Likewise, high-income households will be the first to reach this type of vehicle, since parents will be able to cover the renting of these vehicles and thus add a second or third motorization to the family, so, in addition, it will be important to provision of parking spaces and recharging points.

In the same way, also young people who are working, since in this population range 5% is active population, that is, they work or seek employment, for which greater financial accessibility must be taken into account.

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